Bylaw Enforcement

The City of Penticton Bylaw Services provides citizens with a variety of services related to regulatory issues. Bylaw Enforcement Officers work primarily on a reactive, complaint-driven, basis. Bylaw Services is committed to the delivery of professional bylaw enforcement in a timely and effective manner, and in accordance with Council direction.

Contact Bylaw Services:

Phone: 250-490-2440, Saturday Bylaw Enforcement Officer cell phone 250-809-4367

Fax: 250-490-2502  or Email:

Bylaw Services attempts to gain compliance firstly, through education and communication and ultimately, where required, through enforcement actions such as issuing tickets or seeking stronger legal solutions.

Our primary goals are:

  • Public safety.
  • Maintaining community standards, which contribute to improving the quality of life in Penticton; and
  • Managing behavioral and nuisance issues so as to promote a harmonious living environment.



The City of Penticton's Bylaws promote community liveability by maintaining the health, safety and general wellness of the community. Bylaws assist in maintaining community standards such as:

To search other City Bylaws, you can use our Bylaw Search.

Tenant Complaints & Health Disputes

Unfortunately the City has no involvement with these types of issues. Persons wishing to file complaints or Inquire about Health Issues and Tenancy Complaints regarding their rental unit are to contact the Residential Tenancy Branch or by phone: (1-800-665-8779)


The City of Penticton Good Neighbour Bylaw 2012-5030  [PDF - 1.2 MB] is a bylaw that regulates or prohibits making or causing noises or sounds that disturb the quiet, rest, peace, enjoyment or convenience of individuals or the public.
The most common complaints received by the Bylaw Services include barking dogs, loud music, and noise caused by heavy machinery and construction activity. Barking dog noise can be directed to Dog Control Officers at 250-492-3801 or

Depending on the nature of the complaint, a City representative may be dispatched to the scene of difficulty, or a letter may be sent to the individual or company that is alleged to be causing the noise, advising them of the complaint and requesting compliance. In order to ensure proper investigation and positive outcome please complete the Noise Log as part of your complaint. You will be contacted by a Bylaw Officer within 48 hours to confirm status of your complaint.
Daily Log of Noise Concerns [PDF - 99 KB]

Construction Noise

Noise due to construction shall not be caused before 7:00 am and after 10:00 pm Monday to Sunday and on statutory holidays. Special exemptions are granted under Section 6 of the Good Neighbour Bylaw.

Noise Exemption Permit Application [PDF - 203 KB]

Dog Noise

Noise caused by a dog that is persistent and creates a disturbance by its cries, barks, or howls is prohibited at any time. Please contact Dog Control at 250-492-3801 to report these disturbances. See Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw 2015-27.

Should you wish to report a loud and/or disturbing noise outside of normal office hours, please contact the local R.C.M.P. office at 250-492-4300.

Airport Noise

City Bylaws do not regulate aviation noise. Complaints concerning aviation noise or noise generated from the airport can be reported to the Airport Manager at 250-770-4422. See Airport Noise Transport Canada for more information. You can also obtain more information from from the Parliament of Canada: Aircraft Noise Management

Unsightly Property

The Good Neighbour Bylaw 2012-5030  [PDF - 1.2 MB]prohibits the accumulation of filth, discarded materials, rubbish, and other noxious or offensive matter on property.

When a complaint is received alleging that a property is unsightly, a Bylaw Officer will attend the property to determine if the situation warrants further action. If so, a letter is sent to the owner of the property requesting that the unsightly conditions be corrected within a set timeline. If compliance is not forthcoming within the timelines set out, the City may, by its employees or other persons, enter the property and carry out whatever work is necessary to bring the property into compliance with the Bylaw at the expense of the owner who failed to comply. The cost of cleanup may be recovered by being added to taxes if unpaid. The owner of the property, at the discretion of the Bylaw Officer, may also be issued a ticket for non-compliance.


The City of Penticton Traffic Bylaw 94-39 [PDF - 1 MB] enacted pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act and the Local Government Act regulates the traffic and use of highways within the Municipality.

This Bylaw is extensive and regulates moving and non-moving violations that are enforced by Bylaw Officers and the R.C.M.P.

Snow & Ice Removal

Pursuant to the Good Neighbour Bylaw [PDF - 1.2 MB] owners or occupiers of real property shall remove snow from sidewalks and footpaths bordering the property owned or occupied by them within 24-hours of the accumulation of the snow.

Nuisance Properties & "Grow-Ops"

The City has recently entered into a partnership with the RCMP, Interior Health Authority, BC Safety, Social Services and other Provincial ministries to deal with the problem of grow-ops and other nuisance properties. Controlled Substances Property Remediation Bylaw No. 2004-71 [PDF - 25 KB] gives full details.

Pawnbrokers and Second Hand Dealers

All businesses purchasing and selling used merchandise, jewelry, precious minerals, electronics, etc. that fall under the regulations outlined within the City's Pawns and Secondhand Bylaw No. 97-68 [PDF - 21 KB] will be required to meet Zoning regulations as well as ensure that the business owner:

  • Updates' the status of their Business Licence and changes the Description of their Business Licence (at no extra cost)
  • Contacts' the RCMP for their requirements regarding this type of business.
  • Holds' merchandise for a minimum of 30 days whether of 30 days whether for resale, alteration,repair, and disposal or in any manner part with any goods, articles or things purchased or recieived.

For registration requirements please see our Pawnbrokers and Second Hand Dealers Bulletin [PDF - 1.2 MB]


In April, 2013 amendments to the Smoking Bylaw 87-15 were made to include a definition of “Public Municipal Open Space”-a park, playing field, tennis court, playground lawn bowling green, walkway, path, trail, beach, dock, marina or other outdoor public space which is owned, controlled or operated by the City for the use of pleasure of the public.

Since the amendments to the Smoking Bylaw in 2013, Bylaw Services officers have mostly educated the public with the locations determined to be “No Smoking”. The educative approach has involved verbal warning interactions in public municipal open spaces when seen by an officer in the field (primarily complaint based), which is aligned with smaller-mid-sized BC municipalities. Each summer, the department has staffed a summer student to assist with public education of the ‘No Smoking’ locations. When giving a verbal warning, Section 6 (a) is identified-Smoking in a public municipal open space is an offence holding $100 Bylaw Offence Notice.

Firearms & Archery

There are very specific regulations around the discharge of firearms and drawbows in the City of Penticton. Please view Bow and Arrow and Firearms Regulations Bylaw No.2015-37.  To apply for a permit for the discharge of bows and arrows/firearms, please complete this application [PDF - 342 KB].

Contact Bylaw Services:

Phone: 250-490-2440
Fax: 250-490-2502

If you have questions regarding Bylaw Notices and the Disputes process, go to Adjudication.