Municipal elections in British Columbia fall within the jurisdiction of the province. This year, all Mayors, Councillors and School Trustees will be elected for a four-year term. To find out more information about Elections in BC, please visit the Elections BC website.

2014 Municipal Election

A local general election will be held Nov. 15, 2014 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre (325 Power St.) and polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Residents will choose the members of the elected council that governs the City, including one mayor, six councillors, and four school board trustees.


The City of Penticton's preliminary 2014 civic election results are as follows:


  • Andrew Jakubeit 5,126 votes


  • Helena Konanz 3,626 votes
  • Andre Martin 3,090 votes
  • Max Picton 4,251 votes
  • Tarik Sayeed 2,786 votes
  • Judy Sentes 2,890 votes
  • Campbell Watt 3,925 votes

School trustees-elect:

  • Bill Bidlake 4,224 votes
  • Shelley Clarke 3,381 votes
  • Bruce Johnson 4,072 votes
  • Barb Sheppard 3,870 votes

For full vote details, please refer to this spreadsheet [PDF - 36 KB].

The 2014 by-election had 8,424 ballots cast.

Successful candidates will make the oath of office during a swearing-in ceremony on Dec. 1.

2014 Candidates 

The nomination period has closed, and the candidate list [PDF - 1.3 MB] has been announced. Want to contact a candidate? Here is a Candidate Contact List [PDF - 48 KB] featuring available phone numbers, email addresses, websites and social media links.

School Trustee
Andrew Jakubeit [8.7 MB] Steve Boultbee [10.2MB]
Bill Bidlake [864 KB]
Jukka Laurio [842 KB]

Patrick Buchanan [9.9MB]

Shelley Clarke [10 MB]
John Vassilaki [1.9 MB]
Paula Cattani [8 MB] Teresa Hebert [9.2 MB]

Don Dumesnil [9.2 MB]

Bruce Johnson [7.6 MB]

Ryan Foster [1.1 MB]

Keith MacIntyre [809 KB]

Garry Gratton [1MB] Barb Sheppard [770 KB]

Brian Henningson [869KB]

Tim Hodgkinson [823KB]

Brian Horejsi [892KB]

Lynn Kelsey [863KB]

Helena Konanz [944KB]

David Korinetz [7.1MB]

Brent Madsen [916 KB]

Andre Martin [8.2 MB]

Doug Maxwell [7.8 MB]

Jenine Nicholas [878 KB]

Kevin Noonan [888 KB]

Max Picton [830 KB]

Vic Powell [9.6 MB]

Katie Robinson [893 KB]

Darryl Sanders [9.5 MB]

Tarik Sayeed [19 MB]

Judy Sentes [892 KB]

Debra Slater [9 MB]

Campbell Watt [866 KB]

Past elections

An archive of past election documentation is below for the years that are available: