Downtown Revitalization - 300 Block

Welcome to the 300 Block service and surface revitalization project information page. Visit this page often for updates and timeline information about the project.

Current status – (Lasted updated June 11)

We are in the last stages of the wrapping up the project. We hope to see you at the Block Party, June 15th.

About the project

Construction is now underway downtown on 300 Block service and surface improvement project. The project plan involves spending nearly $1,671,000 of the total $2.185 million budget on upgrading the street’s surface and underground services with new asphalt, raised intersections, sidewalks, curbs, water mains, storm sewers, street lighting, traffic signals and underground electrical. The remaining portion of the budget, representing $464,000, or 22 per cent of the total cost, will go towards street beautification features including vendor power, trees, landscaping, irrigation, benches, bike racks and bollards.

“While the City is upgrading infrastructure both under and above ground, the property owners along the 300 block are also contributing $299,960 to the streetscape and pedestrian experience improvements resulting in a cost effective way to continue the revitalization of downtown”, said Penticton Mayor, Andrew Jakubeit. “The investment and vision to re-energize downtown is coming to fruition as there has been significant private investment to encourage people to live, work and play in the heart of our City”.

Pedestrian access to businesses along the 300 Block will remain open throughout the project. City staff, members of the Downtown Penticton Association (DPA) and the contractor will be working closely with area businesses and residents to ensure any disruptions or direct impacts are communicated and mitigated quickly.

“This next phase in creating a more vibrant downtown will bring much needed upgrades to the 300 Block, and the Downtown Penticton Association will be closely collaborating with the City and business owners to ensure clear communications”, says DPA Executive Director, Lynn Allin.  “We want everyone to know that the 300 Block will be open for business throughout the construction period.” Barring any setbacks related to weather delays, construction is scheduled to wrap up by June 15.

Was revitalization needed?

Important upgrades to water infrastructure are required under Main Street. Similar to the work completed along the 100 and 200 blocks, the City saw the opportunity to continue the vision for a revitalized downtown during these infrastructure upgrades. The street has not been updated since the last service and surface improvement project was completed in 1979. 

What is closed?

During construction, the 300 Block of Main Street is not accessible to cars. From time to time, the intersections at Nanaimo Avenue and Wade Avenue will also be affected. However, all businesses remain open, as are sidewalks and varying crossings across the construction for convenience.

What is the timeframe and why did you start in February?

Work began on February 14 and is expected to be completed by mid-June.  Construction is far less difficult and expensive after the winter weather breaks and the ground has thawed. A completed 300 Block will be open and better than ever for the upcoming busy summer season.

Is it business as usual downtown?

Yes, downtown is open for business! More than ever it is important to support our downtown businesses during construction. Sidewalks are open and parking is available not far from the shops.

Where can I park?

Downtown shoppers and visitors are encouraged to watch for free parking around the 300 Block February through June. In particular, the City is drawing attention to the following FREE parking areas:

  • City owned parking lots off the 200, 300 and 400 blocks – all day.
  • Parking spaces along the neighbouring blocks and adjacent streets will have their meters bagged to allow for two hour parking 9am through 6pm, after that it’s free all evening.

In addition, free parking remains available in the area after hours on evenings and weekends. Parking after 6:00 pm can also be found at the Nanaimo and City Hall scramble parking lots. For motorists needing 15 minutes or less, parking is available along Wade Avenue between Martin Street and Ellis Street, Monday to Friday, 9am through 6pm.         

Will bus routes along Main Street be impacted?

Yes. As part of the project bus service has been re-routed from travelling down Main Street to travelling down Ellis Street instead. This rerouting will be in place for the duration of the project.  The map below shows the temporary routes.

How will the Downtown Penticton Community Markets be affected?

There are a few changes to the Downtown Penticton Community Market during construction, mostly around the set-up. After the construction is complete, the familiar setup will resume along the 300 block.

Why move to 2 lanes?

Through an extensive independent study of downtown traffic, the City has evaluated the operational impacts of several improvement scenarios for the revitalization of Penticton’s downtown core. The City has chosen to reduce the current three lane width of Main Street to two travel lanes. Extensive research showed this as the best option for downtown growth and traffic flow. This plan aims to create a more vibrant and prosperous downtown by widening sidewalks to provide opportunities for street activities, storefront viewing and restaurant patios. It will also improve pedestrian safety and help to reduce vehicle speeds improving business visibility.

How was this plan developed?

This is the culmination of four years of work from our City staff, the Downtown Committee, the Downtown Penticton Association, our downtown businesses and many other stakeholder groups that have been involved in this project.  

Will trees be replaced?

Absolutely, trees are essential to revitalization and beautification of Main Street. The city has worked with independent arborists to select trees that thrive in urban environments. New trees will require less maintenance and have minimally invasive root systems. Over 65 trees will be planted in the downtown core through this revitalization- more than matching those that were removed.

Where can I get more information?

Through support from the city the Downtown Penticton Association is able to provide extra support to downtown merchants during construction. For detailed updates on intersection openings and further construction progress the Downtown Penticton Association website is publishing weekly construction updates.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact:

Public Works Department:

Telephone: 250-490-2500