Downtown Revitalization - 200 Block Nearly Complete

After four years of work with stakeholder groups, downtown businesses, the Downtown Committee and the Downtown Penticton Association work is nearly complete on upgrades to the 200 Block of Main Street.

We are eager to reopen our new beautiful downtown core and are extremely thankful to the Grizzly team for a job well done.

There will be a ribbon cutting from Mayor Jakubeit on the lawn at Westminster intersection on June 18th 10:00AM along with speeches by dignitaries, DPA and Grizzly Excavating.

This will take place during our Saturday Community Market 8:30am-3:00pm welcoming the 200 block back into the market layout.

Downtown Pentiction Rendered Drawing

The community has been involved at each stage of the planning process.  You created a vision for downtown that included the rejuvenation the community needed to ensure the cycle of growth, investment and prosperity.  It is time for downtown Penticton to shine.

The team has been workig hard to maintain construction time lines and we are on schedule for completion in mid-June.

Updates for the Week of June 1:

  • Starbucks green space sod installation – 2 weeks before access can be granted to allow sod to mature
  • Paving brick works completion in Nanaimo & BMO area
  • Line Painting
  • Streetlights Tuesday and operational by end of week
  • Landscaping installation

 Next Week/ Coming Weeks:

  • Traffic signal programming
  • Hanging floral baskets
  • Tree grate installation
  • Sign and Banner installation
  • Landscaping installation continued
  • Overall Clean up

This map will help you to visualize the changing traffic pattern downtown.

Downtown Pentiction Revitalisation Main Street Turnaround map

This weekend the Downtown Penticton Association’s Community Market continues through the season. The market will return to Westminster intersection with returning popular food vendors. Colourful Front St will also occupy returning favourites.

The market will continue in 300 & 400 Block of Main St, due to construction in the 200 Block.

Situations arise which of course adjusts timing for daily and weekly tasks. Our timelines are a tight estimate. If and when changes occur we will provide updates as soon as possible.

For more construction details: Find Weekly Construction Updates Here

Was Revitalization needed?

Important upgrades to water infrastructure were essential under Main Street. The city saw this opportunity to deliver your vision for enhancements to downtown during these infrastructure upgrades.

What is closed?Sidewalks are open during downtown Penticton construction

200 Block of Main Street is not accessible to cars. The intersections at Westminster and Nanaimo will also be affected at times during the construction. This also means that in early parts of the construction 100 Block will also not be accessible for cars. Businesses are open, as are sidewalks and varying crossings across the construction for convenience.

What is the timeframe and why did you start in March?

Work began on March 14th with the first phase in the 200 Block to be completed mid-June.  A completed 200 Block will be open and better than ever for a busy summer season. We won’t resume construction again until September 6th when the second phase in the 100 Block will begin for an early December Finish. We chose March through June for the first phase upgrades as construction is far less difficult and expensive after the winter weather breaks and the ground has thawed. Grizzly Excavating, the team awarded the construction contract has a great record of delivering projects on time and is committed to completing Phase 1 without delays.

Is it business as usual downtown?Downtown Penticton Businesses are Open

Downtown is open for business! More than ever it is important to support our downtown businesses during construction. Sidewalks are open and there are some amazing sales happening.

How can I access 100 Block of Main Street?

Closure of the intersection at Westminster will not be for the duration of construction. During the first month, accessing 100 Block will be possible for pedestrians only. Westminster intersection will reopen in April and one way traffic will return to 100 Block.

Where can I park?

We have endeavoured to make parking as easy as we can during the construction period.  Enjoy complimentary 2 hour free street parking on Main Street in the 200 to 600 blocks as well as on other select blocks (please see the map below for details). City of Penticton parking lots between Main Street and Ellis Street also offer complimentary 1 hour free parking for your convenience. For parking at City Hall, access free public parking stalls from Martin Street. See a map of downtown parking [PDF - 183 KB]

How can I get to City Hall?

Pedestrians can access front doors of City Hall as per normal hours. The back entrance of City Hall is also open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Some free public parking is available and cars can access from Martin Street.

How will the markets be affected?

The city’s award winning Farmer’s Market is opening two weeks earlier this year on April 23rd. As usual the Farmer’s Market will be on 100 Block of Main Street where we have been enjoying it for the last 26 years. Our Community Market which will be one block up from its previous location. Instead of starting on 200 Block of Main Street, the Community Market will occupy 300 and 400 Block of Main Street.

From May 7th when the CommPenticton Farmer's Marketunity Market begins, Farmer and Community Market goers can flow from 100 Block to 300 Block through the open sidewalks in the 200 Block. We’re happy to be able to maintain this foot traffic throughout construction and hope it will help support businesses in the 200 Block.

Of course, construction will be complete mid- June and markets will then flow as usual in a new and improved 200 Block.

We have also provided more free parking downtown just behind 200 Block of Main Street.

Why move to 2 lanes?

Through an extensive independent study of downtown traffic, the city has evaluated the operational impacts of several improvement scenarios for the revitalization of Penticton’s downtown core.  The city has chosen to reduce the current three lane width of Main Street to two travel lanes. Extensive research showed this as the best option for downtown growth and traffic flow. This plan aims to create a more vibrant and prosperous downtown by widening sidewalks to provide opportunities for street activities, storefront viewing and restaurant patios. It will also improve pedestrian safety and help to reduce vehicle speeds improving business visibility.

How was this plan developed?

This is the culmination of four years of work from our city staff, the Downtown Committee, the Downtown Penticton Association, our downtown businesses and many other stakeholder groups that have been involved in this project.  

Will trees be replaced?

Absolutely, trees are essential to revitalization and beautification of Main Street. The city has worked with independent arborists to select trees that thrive in urban environments. New trees will require less maintenance and have minimally invasive root systems. Over 65 trees will be planted in the downtown core through this revitalization- more than matching those that were removed.

Paver Sales

Yes, there will be an opportunity to purchase the pavers that are being replaced. Proceeds from paver sales will be donated to the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation for the Patient Care Tower hospital expansion project.  Sealed bids must be submitted to the City Yards office (616 Okanagan Ave. East) between 7:30 am and 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday and received no later than 12:00 noon on Thursday, June 30, 2016.  Details on the bricks and the bidding process are available here [PDF - 136 KB].

Where can I get more information?Penticton Downtown is under construction

Through support from the city the Downtown Penticton Association is able to provide extra support to downtown merchants during construction. For detailed updates on intersection openings and further construction progress the Downtown Penticton Association website is publishing weekly construction updates.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact:

Public Works Department:

Telephone: 250-490-2500

Key Documents:

Downtown Plan [PDF - 10.1 MB]

construction schedule [PDF - 37 KB]

200 Block Main St. Road Closure [PDF - 297 KB]

Front St. and Main St. Intersection Closure [PDF - 306 KB]

Nanaimo Ave. and Main St. Intersection Closure [PDF - 307 KB]


Penticton Creek restoration
In 2012, Downtown Plan consultation showed strong support in the community to restore Penticton Creek:

  • Over 97% of survey respondents indicated that Penticton Creek should be revitalized
  • 87% of respondents feel that restoration should occur within the next 10 years

Grant funding was secured in 2013 from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund to develop a project plan over four years. The Penticton Creek Restoration Committee was struck with a variety of expertise in the area of flood protection, conservation and First Nations, to oversee a planning process to determine if restoration would be feasible. The first 2 years have been dedicated to study and assessment, and Year 3 (2015) is focused on the Penticton Creek showcase project. Learn more.

Main Street project

Main Street is at the heart of Penticton, and the City and Downtown Penticton Association are committed to discussing what the future of Main Street could be with businesses and landowners in the area, and developing designs to ensure stakeholders are engaged in the process. Consultation with land and business owners refined conceptual plans for Main Street into designs, which feature:

  • Underground infrastructure that can handle the community's future needs
  • Wider sidewalks for pedestrians, encouraging more shoppers
  • Additional storefront space for businesses to use for cafes and retail space -- expanding revenue opportunities
  • Accessibility improvements for persons with disabilities
  • No loss of parking through redesign

Check out the information given to Council - the report [PDF] and presentation [PDF -11MB] - for more.

Park space at North Green (Gyro) and South Green (Library and Museum) were also considered during a two-day charrette process - when stakeholders worked intensively with MMM Group on refining the vision for these spaces. Concepts were developed - and after additional consultation with neighbouring businesses and park space users, a North Green conceptual and phasing plan [PDF - 1.6 MB] was presented to Council for consideration.

Downtown Plan

The Downtown Plan is a long-term vision document that maps out 101 actions that, when completed incrementally, are designed to revitalize Downtown Penticton. The actions include large-scale projects that will occur over the long term like streetscapes, park space enhancements and Penticton Creek rehabilitation, as well as smaller projects like children's playground equipment, washrooms, public art and other amenities that will benefit the downtown. The plan was incorporated into the Official Community Plan.

The City of Penticton has been selected by the Planning Institute of British Columbia for Excellence in Planning Practice - Small Town & Rural Areas as a gold winner for its 2014 awards.

The Downtown Plan is available for download [PDF - 10.1 MB].