Waterfront Revitalization

"Vibrant Penticton" is more than just a revitalization project: it marks our community's time to shine. 

Following a visioning process and creation of the City's Vision Statement, Council identified the revitalization of Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake waterfronts as among the strategic priorities for the City. The waterfront walkway along Okanagan Lake from the Peach to the Sicamous was completed earlier this year.

Projects currently on the go:

The Waterfront Revitalization Select Committee was struck with the mandate of creating a strategy and action plan for the enhancement and improvement of the Okanagan Waterfront area. Operations Department staff are spear-heading revitalization work at Skaha Park.

Revitalization plans are in various stages of progress according to the specific area, with some initial projects already included in the 2012-2016 Budget approved by Council.

Your voice is critical to this process of making our waterfront areas part of a vibrant Penticton.