The Collections Department is responsible for the collection of all incoming City revenues, as well as billing of utility and property tax accounts.

Within Collections we are responsible to:

  1. Provide accurate billing and collection of utility and property tax accounts.
  2. Accept and process all incoming City revenues.
  3. Respond to both external and internal inquiries of a varied nature (i.e. tax, utility, traffic, dog tag, transit, etc.) and from a variety of sources (i.e. inquiries from the public law and real estate firms, financial institutions, the media, City departments, other government agencies, etc.).
  4. Sell dog tags, bus tickets and passes, municipal licence decals and other miscellaneous items.
  5. Maintain accurate tax related rolls (i.e. local improvements, irrigation, sewer, garbage, etc.).
  6. Accept and process applications for the provision and/or termination of electric and water services.
  7. Accept and process applications for the City's "Pre-authorized Payment Plan".
  8. Act as liaison to other City departments, other government agencies (i.e. B.C. Assessment, RDOS, Municipal Affairs, Government Agent's Office, Social Services, etc.) as well as outside interests (members of the public, law firms, real estate companies, property management firms, registered owners of rental properties, etc.).
  9. Act as agents for the Province in matters such as homeowner grants, tax deferments, assessment inquiries, etc.
  10. Provide a tax and utility account search service to law, real estate and banking firms.
  11. Deal with the collection of unpaid utilities via cutoffs, transfers to taxes, withholding of services, etc.
  12. Maintain the traffic ticket register and related records. 
  13. Deal with the public, RCMP, bylaw enforcement officers, collection agency, etc. with regards to traffic tickets and MTI's.
  14. Primary contact with collection agency with respect to all City accounts assigned for collection.
  15. Read and inspect meters for approximately 17,000 electric accounts as well as maintain an efficient walk sequence system.   
  16. Provide a welcoming, inquiry and referral service to both newcomers and repeat visitors to City Hall.