Pre-authorized payment plans allow property owners to pay next year's property taxes by automatic monthly bank deductions.

Please note: the customer's final payment will be debited from their bank on the tax due date IF payment has not already been made. The homeowner, if eligible, must claim the Home Owner Grant by the tax due date in order to avoid penalties.

The PAWS amount applicable to your account will be based on the current taxes and the amount of the grant claimed. If there is a change in your Home Owner Grant eligibility (for example you will be turning 65 the following year) please notify the Tax Department

Internet Banking

Payments can be made via your Financial Institution. Simply go to your financial institution's website and select City of Penticton – Property Taxes as the “Bill Payee”. Your account number is your 8 DIGIT FOLIO number (do not include the hyphen). Please allow a MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) business days for the City to receive your payment, as the date the payment is received by the City of Penticton from your financial institution is the date your taxes are considered paid. It is not the date your payment was made through your financial institution. Any balances owing on your tax account after the tax due date will be subject to a 10% penalty. If you choose to use these services, please note that the Home Owner Grant application and payment must still be received by the City of Penticton on or before the Tax due date. Print off or save the bank confirmation as proof of payment and keep with your Tax Notice – you do not need to send us a copy of the confirmation.

If you experience difficulties with the set-up, please contact your financial institution for assistance.

Telephone Banking

Follow telephone banking procedures for your financial institution. Make payment to your property tax roll number(do not including decimal).

Drop off Payment at Drop Box

Place your payment (cheque or money order) along with the home owner grant portion of your Tax Notice in a sealed envelope and drop in the outside drop box located at the north side of the main entrance of City Hall located at 171 Main St, Penticton.

Pay by Mail

Tear off the lower portion of the form, complete the Home Owner Grant application, if eligible, and forward it along with a cheque for the net amount due. Please make cheques payable to The City of Penticton.

The City of Penticton encourages taxpayers to mail their payment early. The cheque can be postdated for the Tax due date. By sending the lower tear-off portion and cheque early, the taxpayer can avoid late payment penalties. Remember that postmarks will not be accepted as proof of payment. Property taxes are due by 4:30pm on the Tax due date. Any outstanding balances after the due date will be subject to a 10% penalty. Cancelled cheques will serve as proof of payment.

Pay in Person at City Hall

Bring your Tax Notice to the summer tax clerk or cashiers on the main floor at City Hall located at 171 Main St., Penticton.

To avoid waiting in line:

  • Please make payments in person well before the tax due date.
  • Post dated cheques are accepted.
  • Please have your Home Owner Grant filled out in full.

By Mortgage Company

If taxes are paid through your mortgage company, the Home Owner Grant claim must still be submitted directly to The City of Penticton's Tax Department by the tax due date. An unclaimed Home Owner Grant is subject to a 10% penalty.

If you have any questions regarding payment details by your mortgage company, please contact them directly. Note that your Mortgage Statement will serve as proof of payment.