Cross Connection Control

What is Cross-Connection Control?

Cross connection control is the process of making sure that water used for non-potable purposes (irrigation, industry, chemical dilution, etc.) does not contaminate our potable (drinking) water system. The simplest measure we can all take to reduce the risk involves ensuring an air gap exists between the tap or water outlet and the holding tank. For example, always ensure the garden hose is above the flood rim of the janitor bucket or sink. Remember: Never leave a garden hose submerged.

Bylaw 2005-02 provides more information regarding the regulatory aspects of the program.


1. What steps should I take to protect my drinking water?

Simple steps can ensure you protect your customers and loved ones from drinking contaminated water. For example, install an inexpensive, frost free Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker on all outdoor faucets.

2. Where do I find information on backflow preventers?

Contact the City's Cross Connection Control Coordinator for information. Alternatively, plumbing supply stores and plumbers can also provide information on the products they sell or install.

3. Why do the backflow preventers require annual testing?

In order to ensure our drinking water continues to be protected from back pressure or back siphonage, some backflow preventers must be tested at minimum annually as per CSA B64.

Occasionally, backflow preventers fail and must be either flushed, repaired, or replaced.

Partial List of Certified Testers

This is a partial list, offered for your convenience only.

These testers are not endorsed by the City.

Please ensure all testers have current Business License and

Certified Backflow Tester Card.

Plumbing permits are required for new installs and require a Cross Connection Checklist to be completed by P. Eng or Registered Plumber.

Info added January 9, 2015

Accurate Fire Protection Services Ltd.



Apple Valley Plumbing & Backflow Ltd.



Bradley Fire Protection & Backflow Services



Britech HVAC


250 809 6210

Brown Mechanical Kelowna 250-545-4211
Fire Tech Systems


Integrated Fire Protection Ltd. Kelowna 250-765-3482
Integrity Plumbing and Gas Ltd Penticton 250-488-0074
R Jones Plumbing Kaleden 250-490-1002
Linton Plumbing & Heating Naramata 250-462-5449
Mavco Plumbing & Heating Penticton 250-493-7956
OK Check Valve Testing & Service Penticton 250-493-5237
Okanagan Fire Protection Kelowna 250-765-0660
Pacific Western Fire Protection Kelowna 250-769-2242
Quality First Plumbing & Heating Services Penticton 250-493-8886

Simplex Grinnell



Summit Backflow Prevention Services



Southern Mechanical Services



Tri-Wik Fire Protection



Troy Sprinkler Kelowna 250-860-3991
Kettle Valley Plumbing Penticton 250-486-1616

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Approved Air Gap

Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker

Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

Dual Check with Atmospheric Port


Please note: Backflow preventers to be selected, installed, and tested in accordance with the most recent CSA B64.

All Testable Backflow Preventers must be tested annually, or more frequently, as determined by the Cross Connection Control Coordinator.


Application Forms

The following forms related to the Water Backflow Prevention are available:

Need More Information?

Please contact the Cross Connection Control Coordinator | 250-490-2562.