Apply for a permit

Is your business growing? Or are you holding a special event to create some buzz? Maybe you are in a very specialized business where you have to take care of others.

Our Business Licence team also handles specialized permit applications, so you can get going quickly.

Have questions? Talk to our business licence representatives today about your options: 250-490-2488 or email.

Sidewalk cafes and Storefront uses

Your retail space is maxed out – what next? There could be an expansion opportunity very close by – your sidewalk.

Sidewalk cafes and Storefront Use Permits are allowed in the City of Penticton, as they offer visual interest and diverse activity on Penticton's commercial areas. Having lunch on the patio or perusing wares outdoors adds to the amazing experience and lifestyle that Penticton has to offer.

There are several types of permits, based on your intended usage of the space and the location of your business. Find out more.

Have questions? Talk to our business licence representatives today about your options: 250-490-2488 or email.


Sign Permits

If you are installing or updating signage of any kind, you'll need to complete a Sign Permit. Our knowledge staff can help with suggesting what is safe and visible for he sugnage you intend to install. Free-standing, awning, fascia and projecting signs will need scale drawings and detailed description of the advertising copy as well as font and size. The application form can be downloaded here.

Have questions? Talk to our business licence representatives today about your options: 250-490-2488 or email.



A lot of work goes into planning events – and we want to make your organizing to-do list a little easier.

It's valuable for event organizers to understand requirements around temporary tents, stages, air-supported structures and other structures. This is to ensure the health and life safety of patrons, vendors and volunteers - so everyone will come back year after year.



Liquor licences are issued by the B.C. Government's Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB), and this body looks to municipalities for support of new and amendment applications.

The City reviews: applications for liquor licences, endorsements for wineries, breweries or distilleries; amendments to licences and some Special Event Permits.

Please note: the LCRB issues regular updates, policy directives and information regularly surrounding rules, regulations and requirements around liquor. We highly recommend you visit their website for up-to-date info on regulations.


Daycares and group homes

You're in the business of caring for others. The safety of the public is our number one priority, and that's why we encourage all prospective operators to research the mandatory provincial requirements around care home and daycares first. Penticton business licences are not issued until operators receive a Community Care Facilities Licence through Licensing Direct and approval is granted by Interior Health.

If you are interested in opening a daycare or group care home within Penticton, we ask that you first come into City Hall & discuss your plans with staff to ensure that your location is properly zoned before embarking on the process: 250-490-2488 or email.



You give back to the community, and we want to make sure you are safe. Non-profit organizations are not required to have a business licence, but those with facilities are asked to register with the City.

Non-profit organizations are asked to register with the City; from there, inspection appointments may be set up with building and fire officials for random safety audits. This will help us make sure fire and life safety requirements up to date in your location.

Register your non-profit organization today. Have questions? Talk to our business licence representatives today about your options: 250-490-2488 or email.



Please Note:  This program is currently under review.  Please contact Licencing at 250-490-2488 for the status of Busking in the City of Penticton.



Commercial Kennel Permits 

The Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw states that a kennel operation permit is required in order to keep more than three (3) dogs per household or premises. Click here to view the kennel operation permit guide and application. 

 There are two (2) types of kennels: 

 Hobby Kennel: where 4 to 10 dogs may be kept as pets.

Commercial Kennel: where 4 to 10 dogs are kept, trained, cared for, bred, treated or boarded for remuneration or purposes of sale.  In addition, the Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw limits the number of dogs that may be kept based on the size of the property.

Along with optaining a kennel operation permit, please contact business licening to determine if you will also require a business licence. Phone 250-490-2488 or email