Beach & Mobile Vending

The City of Penticton has expanded vending opportunities to include three (3) year Beach Vending and one (1) year Mobile Vending permits. 

**Please note - 2019 Beaching Vending sites are full**  Existing 3 Year Permits will expire in the fall of 2020.  Applications will be available early 2021.

To apply for a Mobile Vending permit or Mobile Retail location please submit a completed application to Sheri Raposo via email at or delivered to the City of Penticton located at 171 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5A9. 

Vendors may be required to provide succcessful inspection reports depending on the equipment or vending cart/vehicle used:

Vendors are required to provide proof of WorkSafeBC coverage if applicable:

Please direct beach and mobile vending questions to Sheri at 250 490-2514 or

Please note if you have any questions regarding the business licence application included within the vending packages' please contact the Building & Licensing Clerk at 250-490-2488 or by email at