Change or cancel a licence

Is it time to make a change? Have some info you need updating on your business licence?

For simple updates to your business licence (contact info, etc.), check out the City's information change form  for details that may be needed locally.

Thinking of making changes to the location to make it right for your customers and staff? If you are opening a different kind of business than operated previously, or you need to renovate, you might need a building permit or have an inspection to ensure safety. Sometimes those changes may qualify you for incentives that can reduce your property tax bill. Who you should talk to:

  • Our licence expert – who can help you with changes on site
  • Your realtor or building owner – to obtain a site plan

Are you expanding? Wondering how you can grow business?

  • There are economic incentive packages available for the downtown and industrial area. Check out our Opportunities section for general information, or the EIZ Bylaw for specifics: “Economic Incentives.”
  • Partnerships are key. Check out this list of community resources.
  • Our Economic Development team is happy to help! Find out about the local market and additional opportunities to leverage that will grow your business.

Are you cancelling?

We are sorry to see you go. If you are thinking of cancelling your licence, we recommend you contact our Economic Development team to learn about opportunities or options that might keep you in Penticton.

If your decision is final, email  to cancel your business licence Please include the business name and business licence number in the request to close, and our Business Licence representative will contact you shortly.

Have questions?

We are here to help. Contact our business licence expert today: 250-490-2488 or email.