Sidewalk & Storefront Usage

Having lunch on the patio or browsing wares outdoors adds to the amazing experience and lifestyle that Penticton has to offer. As a business owner, you may have the option to extend your commercial activity into the street with a storefront use permit. Storefront usage is administered by the Building and Permitting Department.

There are several types of permits, based on your intended usage of the space and the location of your business. Find out more with the links below:



There are 3 common Sidewalk and Storefront uses to consider (however your commercial location may dictate restrictions or variations to these):

Sales Areas: means a portion of the sidewalk located directly in front of the business frontage (within 1.5m) which can be used for displays, merchandising, bike racks, or art work. No railing is required for this option.



Seating Areas: means a portion of the sidewalk located directly in front of the business frontage which can be used for service of food and beverages in close proximity to the storefront (within 1.5m). No railing is required for this option.



Sidewalk Café Areas: means a portion of the City sidewalk used for service of food and beverages in connection with a restaurant or café abutting the building. Sidewalk café's are required to be enclosed with a railing and may require the extension of the sidewalk into the street parking area.


The Sidewalk and Storefront Use program was designed to achieve several goals:

  • enhance the visual interest of Penticton streets
  • encourage vibrancy by diversifying activity on Penticton streets
  • allow business owners to take advantage of Penticton's mild climate
  • attract greater numbers of people to the downtown area


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place display items on either side of my door?

 Using the space on the sidewalk outside of your busines requires an aplication to be filled out. In the case of display items, the usage would be considered a 'Sales Area' usage and you could use up to 1.5 metres from the paved section (known as the pedestrian treadway) for setting out merchandise, displays, or artwork.

Can I use tents in front of my store?

 No. The new guidelines prohibit the use of temporary tent structures. If you wish to create shelter, you can look into installing an awning or a permanent roof structure. Contact the Building Department (250 490 2571) to discuss this option further.

Can I place a sandwich board sign out front of my business?

 The sign bylaw (7.3.5) allows for the positioning of one sandwich board in front of your business. It may not obstruct foot traffic, and in the case of the 100,200 & 300 block of Main St, must not be placed on the paver walkway (known as the pedestrian treadway)

When do I need a permit?

If you plan to use the sidewalk space in front of your business, you require a permit.

Which Application form is for me?

If your business falls outside of 100, 200 & 300 blk Main & 200 blk Martin St in the Downtown core then Section 10A and 10B of the Traffic Bylaw No. 94.39 applies to you. The form is available here

What is the cost?

Cost varies depending on the location of your business and the type of usage. Talk to our business licence representative to learn more: 250-490-2488 or