Living Near a Short-Term Rental

The City amended its short-term rental regulations in April of 2017 to better reflect the rapid expansion of the vacation rental industry and to help limit any nuisances to the surrounding residents. 


The Living Near a Short-Term Rental Fact Card provides an overview of the program and some of the regulations and frequently asked questions for those operating or living near a vacation rental.

Who can operate a vacation rental?
Owners of residential dwelling units may offer short-term accommodation (vacation rentals) to the public for stays of up to one month. Prior to operating a vacation rental, a business licence approval must be granted, which includes a review of use, parking, signage, and basic health & life safety requirements on the property.

  • Tenants may only operate a vacation rental if they have permission from the property owner. 
  • Rentals of a dwelling unit for less than 14 days in a calendar year are not considered vacation rentals. 

How do I file a noise complaint or report other violations (parking, too many guests)?
The first step is to contact the owner of the property directly. Regulations require vacation rentals to prominently display their business license on the property which clearly indicates the owner’s name and contact phone number. You may also be able to locate the property owner's contact phone number by searching the City's online business license database:

If the issue is ongoing and regular in nature, you can file a complaint with the City’s Bylaw Services at 250-490-2440 and they will investigate. 

For on-going noise issues please provide a Noise Complaint Evidence Log [PDF]

Who do I call if I have a complaint after hours?
Contact the property owner or the local police. Bylaw officers are not available to respond to complaints outside regular City Hall hours.

How can I check if a vacation rental is properly licensed?
All vacation rentals are required to post their license in a visible location on the property. You may call the Licensing Clerk at 250-490-2488 with the address to confirm if the property is licensed. You can also search the property address in the City's  online business license database:

What do I do if my neighbor is operating an unlicensed vacation rental?
You may contact Bylaw Services at 250-490-2440 to file a complaint for further investigation.