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Penticton's Economic Development Office provides information and services to help businesses invest and grow in our city. We promote economic development by supporting and assisting existing businesses, attracting new investment and business and enhancing Penticton's business climate.

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Penticton's profile

Life in Penticton isn’t about opting for one thing over another – lifestyle over career, family over independence, rural over urban – it’s about balance. It’s about having enough of what you need and even more of what you want.

That’s because Penticton isn’t just another place. It’s where you find your place with your kind of people. From long, hot summers on the lake to winter adventures in the light, dry, snow, locals here never settle for anything less than extraordinary. It’s what makes Penticton one of the most attractive places to live in British Columbia.

With opportunities across industries as diverse as construction, winemaking, custom manufacturing, precision agriculture, tech and tourism, Penticton offers something for everyone. And even though living here means trading a few conveniences for a few pleasures – you never have to let that slow you down. Our well-equipped business centre has access to convenient airports, major highways, and a reliable and fast internet and communications network. So if you’re looking to enjoy the good life, while still making a good living, we’re here, we’re got room to grow, and we’re ready for you to call Penticton home.

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The City of Penticton is proud to be the driving force behind a one-stop portal for jobs and information related to moving to the South Okanagan. Free for employers to post open positions and job seekers to view, the platform uses powerful marketing approaches to get jobs in front of people who are a fit for the South Okanagan lifestyle.

We can help you welcome your new employees! Contact our office for us to build welcome packages to help your newest team members get to know the community as efficianetly as possible. Our Just Moved! [PDF - 737 KB] checklist is a very handy reference for anyone new to the community.