Dog Control is a service of bylaw enforcement specifically related to dog and dog owner compliance with the  Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw .  The Dog Control Officer is also responsible for managing the Dog Shelter [PDF - 232 KB]where lost or abandoned dogs are kept until they are claimed or re-homed.

Dog Control Hours and Contact Information

Dog Control hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday, excluding statutory holidays.  If we are unable to answer your call, we are busy with other dog issues so please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned at our earliest opportunity.

  • Dog Control Office 250-492-3801
  • e-mail                
  • Emergency Calls        250-460-1117

NOTE:  Staff are available after hours for emergencies.  An emergency is considered:

Dog Control officers do not respond to other animal complaints (ie Cats, birds/ducks, snakes, etc). For wildlife and public safety concerns please direct calls to Conservation Officers 1-877-952-7277.

Dogs at the Dog Shelter

If the dog is wearing valid identification, efforts will be made to contact the dog owner during regular business hours (if unable to contact by telephone, officer will drop off a written impound notice at the last known address).

If the dog does not have any form of identification, the dog is held for a minimum of 72 hours for the owner to claim. Please call 250-492-3801 to confirm whether your dog is in the Shelter and to arrange for claiming.

After 72 hours, unclaimed dogs may be assessed and surrendered to a rescue society or another shelter (not every dog will be accepted into rescues or shelters).

The Dog Shelter is located at 2330 Dartmouth Drive [PDF - 232 KB], Penticton, BC. 

Dog Licensing

A licence is required for every dog 4 months or older and resides in the city of Penticton for more than 30 days.  Licences are renewed on or before January 31st each year.  Ensure your dog wears the current tag and remember permanent ID such as a tattoo and/or microchip will assist in reuniting you and your dog if he wanders off.

Licence fees support those handy bags in Penticton parks that help you clean up after your pup.  Licence and other dog related fees can be viewed on the Fees and Charges Bylaw.  Don’t forget – there are discounts if you spay/neuter your pet! Also, talk to us today if you are a foster parent to dogs waiting for their forever home.

Licences can be purchased at:

  • City Hall Cashiers - 171 Main Street between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays;
  • SPCA - 2200 Dartmouth Drive between noon and 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday, excluding statutory holidays (cash is the only method of payment accepted at the SPCA)
  • Dog Shelter - 2330 Dartmouth Drive, Penticton, BC by appointment.  If you are unable to purchase your licence during regular office hours, contact the Dog Control Officer at 250-492-3801 or e-mail to set up an appointment.

If your address or contact information changes, please contact City Hall at 250-490-2487 or complete an Update Dog Information Form [PDF - 122 KB] online.

Dog Owner Responsibilities

The Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw  requires you to have your dog in sight, leashed and under your care, custody and control at all times. You may face fines if your dog is found off-leash, the leash is not in your hand or if the leash isn’t under your control – that means extension leashes. Keep your dog and others safe with a fixed-length leash not exceeding 6 feet in length.

It’s a fact of life – some people are not dog lovers and do not want your dog approaching them. It is important to keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times. You can be held responsible if your dog harms a person or another animal. Dangerous or aggressive dogs should be kept at home, or muzzled and on-leash if out for a walk. This is to ensure public safety.

And remember, if your dog poops off your property, it’s up to you to scoop!

Stoop and Scoop

Clean up after your canine friend. Always have an extra plastic bag on hand for when nature calls. Bag dispensers and waste receptacles are located throughout Penticton’s parks and along many walking trails. There is a $150 fine for failure to pick up after your dog. Keeping our city clean makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

If you find an empty bag dispenser, call 250-490-2500 and report the location and PS # found on the dispenser.

Play time in Off-Leash Dog Parks

Parks are a popular place to take man's best friend and dogs are welcome on-leash in most of Penticton's parks. Enjoy our parks and green spaces responsibly; be courteous, keep your dog leashed and muzzle them if necessary.  Dogs are not permitted on school fields or beaches, except designated dog beaches as listed below.

The City of Penticton has six off leash areas:

  • City Yards—2088 Dartmouth Rd. 
  • Water Treatment Plant—1900 Penticton Ave.
  • Ellis Creek Park—100 Industrial Ave. West
  • Okanagan Lake Park Dog Beach— 45 Lakeshore Dr. East
  • Three Mile Beach – 802 Three Mile Rd. (boating beach only)
  • Skaha Lake on Lakeside Road— 4851 Lakeside Road

Check out this printable map  to find the closest off-leash park to you.

Lost or Found Dogs

 If your dog has gone missing, take the following steps:

  •  Contact Dog Control at 250-493-3801 and the SPCA at 250-493-0136.  Give them a description and recent photo.  If you have evidence that your dog was stolen, contact the RCMP at 250-492-4300 for investigation.
  • Search the neighbourhood – bring along their favourite toy or treat.  When calling their name, try not to sound scared or angry.
  • Talk to your neighbours – leave them your phone number so if they spot your dog, they can call you.
  • Put up posters with the dog’s name, breed, description, special markings, picture, area last seen and your contact information.
  • Don’t lose hope.  Many dogs are safely returned to their families especially when they are wearing a tag, have a microchip or a tattoo.

If you have found a dog, be cautious with the dog to ensure there are no bites or injuries incurred to either people or pets.   Do not mix the dog in with your pets without first considering the dog may be carrying illness or parasites.

Barking and Nuisance Dogs

A barking or nuisance dog can cause or be a disturbance to a neighbour at any time of the day or night. Owners should not allow their dog to cry, bark, howl, or yelp continuously for a period of more than 5 minutes or sporadically for a period of more than 15 minutes or in a manner that tends to disturb the peace, quiet, rest, enjoyment or comfort of persons in the neighbourhood.

If a dog in your neighbourhood is a nuisance and you wish to submit a formal complaint, contact the Dog Control Officer. You must provide your name, address and contact information which is kept confidential. Should enforcement action be taken, and disputed by the violator, complainant information may be required to be disclosed. For more information see the Barking Complaint Process [PDF - 104 KB], barking petition [PDF - 190 KB], or barking logs [PDF - 131 KB].

After Hours Dog Emergency

The City would like inform residents of what to do in the event of an after-hours dog emergency. Currently office hours run Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. If you should have an emergency who can you call?

First let’s see if your emergency fits in our contracted services emergency call out criteria:

Does your emergency include any of the following?

• A dog attack in progress;
• An unsecured aggressive dog that is a threat to persons or domestic animals;
• An injured dog where the owner cannot be located

The emergency service does not include the following:

• Dog at large
• Barking or howling dog
• Missing dog
• Wildlife (Please contact Conservation at 1-877-952-7299)

When calling after hours you will need to leave a detailed message indicating the events taking place, the location and your contact information. By leaving a message, the City’s Dog Control Officer can determine if immediate assistance is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a dog owner?

A dog owner is any person who owns or has custody, care or control of a dog.  You are considered the dog’s “owner” if the dog is in your possession even if you are temporarily responsible for the dog.

Does my dog always need to be on a leash?

Yes, unless your dog is within a designated off-leash dog park or on private property, all dogs must be on a leash with a fixed total length of not more than 2 metres (6 feet). The leash must be attached to the dog and be held by the owner.

What is excessive barking?

Excessive barking is when a dog cries, barks, howls, or yelps continuously for a period of more than 5 minutes or sporadically for a period of more than 15 minutes or in a manner that tends to disturb the peace, quiet, rest, enjoyment or comfort of persons in the neighbourhood.

Why does my dog bark and what can I do about it?

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Viewing Why Dogs Bark [PDF - 1 MB]may help curb problem barking.