Climate Action Plan

Council has recently endorsed a community and corporate Climate Action Plan. The climate action plan has been developed to take action to reduce GHG emissions and to include targets for the reduction of Greenhouse gases in our OCPs, as well as policies and actions of the local government with respect to achieving those targets.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP)

Climate action is a provincial priority and Penticton is a key partner in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of creating complete, compact, and energy efficient communities. The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant program that provides funding to Climate Action Charter signatories.  CARIP provides funding support to local governments in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward with achieving their climate action goals. To fulfill the public reporting requirements of the CARIP program, Penticton has submitted an application to the Province that describes the actions that the Corporation and the community have undertaken and will be contributing to the overall goal of reducing GHG emissions for 2011 and 2012.


For more information, please contact our Development Services Department by email or phone (250) 490-2501.

CARIP reporting

The following CARIP Report meets the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program requirements to publicly report local governments advancements in the undertaking to reduce corporate and community greenhouse gas emissions.