Freedom of Information


Most records are available to the public upon verbal request. If you are not sure, please ask City staff who will be pleased to assist you.

The legislation requires that the right of access to any record (a record of information not regularly available) in the custody or control of the City must be made in writing. You may either download a copy of the “Request for Records Form” found on this website and return it to the City by email, post or directly to City Hall (see contact information below).

We will process your request as quickly as possible and within the 30 business day time frame specified in the Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Legislation. If the record is an old one, or involves significant staff time, the City may require a time extension of an additional 30 days.

Types of information not available to the public:

  • third party business information
  • personal information
  • legal advice given to the City
  • law enforcement material
  • any information which will affect the economic interests of a public body
  • information on sensitive heritage sites
  • information dangerous to the health and safety of an individual or group of individuals

If you would like guidance on common types of information that that is routinely available to the public or those records that require a written request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, please consult this Routinely Releasable Documents Guide [PDF - 317 KB].

If you would like further information on the legislation and how it applies to you and your request for information, please contact:

Angie Collison, Corporate Officer
City of Penticton
171 Main Street
(250) 490-2410

FOI Form.pdf [PDF - 109 KB