Public Notices

We welcome your voice. Everyone who wishes to speak shall be given the opportunity to be heard.

There are several ways to provide information for consideration.  You can attend the Public Hearing/Council meeting in Council Chambers (6pm, 2nd Floor, City Hall) or written information can be dropped off, mailed or emailed.  The 'Public Notice' document includes information on how to submit comments.

The following application(s) is scheduled for the November 19, 2019 Council meeting:

308 and 310 Abbott St
Development Variance Permit PL2019-8529

Public Notice [PDF - 6.3 MB]

The following application(s) is scheduled for the December 3, 2019 Council meeting;

589 Churchill Ave
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019-44

Public Notice [PDF - 4.2 MB]

** Please note that all correspondence submitted to the City of Penticton in response to these Notices must include your name and address and will form part of the public record and will be published in a meeting agenda when this matter is before the Council or a Committee of Council.  The City considers the author’s name and address relevant to Council’s consideration of this matter and will disclose this personal information.  The author’s phone number and email address is not relevant and should not be included in the correspondence if the author does not wish this personal information disclosed.


Please refer to the Agenda for a complete listing of items being discussed.

Past Public Notices:  Go to the News Archives page found under City News

Decisions:  Looking for outcomes of past applications? Council decisions are officially recorded in the minutes for each meeting and posted online. For an overview of decisions, check out Penticton Council Highlights.