I need to contact the City. Who do I call and what numbers are available?

You can send us an email at any time, or visit our Contacts page for a directory for Mayor, Council and staff.

How do I get to Penticton?

Visit our Location page to view our location. Visit our Maps page to view maps of Penticton.

I want to visit Penticton. How do I get there, and what can I do when I arrive?

Tourism Penticton is a fantastic resource for visitors coming to the South Okanagan and Wine Country. Check out the Tourism Penticton website for directions, accommodations and what do when you are here.

Where can I find out more information about news and events in Penticton?

Visit our Events Calendar for a list of what's happening at the SOEC, Penticton Trade and Convention Centre and other events. For a list of community events, visit Tourism Penticton's website

The City of Penticton produces a monthly newsletter inserted in Electric Utility bills. Read newsletters online, or check out our Latest News section.

Where is the Community Centre and what does it offer?

The Penticton Community Centre is located at 325 Power Street, and boasts an indoor leisure pool as well as a lap pool. For full details visit the Community Centre page.

I want to rent a meeting room, sports field or park space. Where do I go?

The City welcomes event organizers. Check out the Rental Information page for information on how to book meeting rooms, sports fields, ice time and park spaces.

Where can I find information on Penticton cemeteries?

The City of Penticton maintains two cemeteries: Lakeview Cemetery (775 Lower Bench Rd.) and Fairview (Anglican) Cemetery (Fairview Rd.). Only Lakeview Cemetery is available for new internment. Full details are available on our Cemetery page.

How do I find out more about City services?
Visit our Resident Services page for more information, or the I Want To easy reference section outlining what kind of services and information are available.