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A Biking Community

With our great weather, extended season and world-class variety of routes and trails, it's no surprise that Penticton is a cycling community. We like to get out and about-- whether we're cruising a leisurely path between wineries, taking a technical route down the side of a mountain, racing in international competitions like Axel-Merckx Granfondo or spending a Sunday at the local BMX park.

Thousands of cyclists are drawn here every year for our numerous events and cyclo-attractions-- regardless of what kind (or what level) of cyclist they are. As a community, we've mapped out beginner and professional routes for road cyclists, mountain bikers, off-roaders, singletrack-ers and families-- we even have cycling wine tours!

If that wasn't enough, many of our local businesses are cyclist-friendly too. We have top notch tour companies, rental shops, equipment providers, accomodations, cafes and breweries who are happy to accommodate you when you need a break. We also have a large trail map, bike repair kit and several bike racks right beside the beach in the heart of downtown. 

Lastly, our cycling community is thriving. Thanks to countless volunteers, avid community members and passionate cyclists, we launched a city-wide biking initiative to keep our trail network growing and improving. They offer an active voice in trail design and maintenance, as well as event support and organizing rides. Their coaches and long-time members provide a wealth of knowledge to the community, for residents and new-comers alike.

The City of Penticton is delighted to announce our newly declared status as a Biking precinct by the BC Ministry of transportation for all these reasons, and more. To learn more about our biking events, trails, shops, services and clubs, read on below or click on the tabs to the left. It's time to explore!


Biking Events

We host cycling events for all levels and riding styles-- from road and multi-sport to mountain biking-- April through October.

Check out our listing of Road Cycling and Multisport Events or our Off Road & Mountain Biking Events for more information (including dates, distances and links to event websites).


Bike Shops - Rentals, Tours, Repairs & Sales 

Do you want to:

  •  rent a bicycle;
  •  buy a bicycle;
  •  buy cycling gear;
  •  repair a bicycle; or
  •  go on a cycling tour?

We have you covered! Penticton's local shops and services are world-class and staffed with knowledgeable cyclists. Check out our listing of local Rental, Tour and Repair Shops to get started!


Bike Facilities

Mountain Bike Hub - Many mountain bikers go to the parking lot and port-o-potty at the intersection of Naramata Road and the KVR trail to suit up before hitting the Three Blind Mice trail network. PACA is working to set up a hub (including a bike wash, bike pump, bike tools, picnic tables, and potentially a BBQ) for cyclists-- whether locals or tourists-- to meet up and socialize. Stay tuned as plans progress!

Penticton Youth Park - Penticton's skate and BMX park is located in Riverside Park on Riverside Drive. It's a great space for young BMX and mountain bikers to practice and gain confidence in their skills on a variety of bowls, ramps and stairs. For more information, redirect to our Youth Park Page.


Join In or Sign Up!

For more biking information, connect with Penticton's local and regional cycling community. Check out this listing of Cycling Organizations & Online Resources to find the group that's right for you. If you're interested in Triathlon Groups & Training Camps specifically, follow the link for more information.