Penticton At A Glance

According to Environment Canada statistics, Penticton has the most attractive climate of all cities in Canada. With over 2,100 hours of sunshine and only 15 inches of rain annually, Penticton has beach weather in the summer and in the winter the local mountains get great snow for winter sports, while the streets stay clear in town.

Living in Penticton lets us enjoy the outdoors year round without bug spray! With a great climate, what do we get up to?

Penticton lifestyle embraces activity, healthy living and community. Known as the Festival Centre of the Okanagan, Penticton residents comment that there is always something happening in town to do, see or get involved in. Annual festivals such as the Peach Festival, Elvis Festival, Meadowlark Nature Festival, Peach City Beach Cruise classic car festival and the Challenge Race Series bring entertainment, fairs and the opportunity to participate or compete or just observe all sorts of activities.

As one of our locals says: “You can have more meaningful exchanges here in one day - with shopkeepers and friends - than you can in Toronto in one week!" The local downtown Saturday market is a perfect example of how locals and tourists connect. The seasonal street market is our regular gathering place that features locally grown foods, local entertainment and artisans in a festive and social atmosphere. We have the best market and we are not bragging at all.

Whether it's just for fun or competitive, athletes, clubs and teams of all ages enjoy their outdoor or indoor sport on our modern fields and facilities. In the words of a new resident, “Hike, Walk, Bike, Swim every day… It's just bliss”. Whether it's our world class mountain biking or world class wines, we love it all. From its location in the centre of the world renowned Okanagan wine region with famous areas such as The Naramata Bench, and Summerland right next to town and over 100 wineries within an hour's drive, we all find our way to enjoy the rolling benchlands with vineyard, lake, and mountain views on our afternoon drive, climb, boat, ride, run or walk.

Penticton residents enjoy life to the fullest on their terms. Here are a few thoughts from our point of view:

  • “World class mountain biking. What more can I say?"
  • “There's always something to do."
  • “It's the heart of an agricultural zone. You can grow your own food, be a producer and not a consumer."
  • “Sometimes I feel like it was the whole town that brought me up."
  • “You create deeper friendships here.”
  • “It's a great place to be an artist.”

Who should call Penticton home? Anyone who wants to get more out of life. “It's a place for people who want to live their life, their way.”

Join us and experience how Penticton people take advantage of the amazing climate; the social connections; the surrounding four season outdoor playground; and the many activities and amenities to build their unique, meaningful and satisfying daily lives.