Bike Network

Cycling in general is seen by many as a healthy, inexpensive, enjoyable and efficient way of moving around. Penticton is a relatively compact community which enjoys great weather for most of the year and makes our City a favourable location for cycling.

A lot of work has been completed on a cycling plan. Urban Systems developed an extensive report [PDF - 4.1 MB] for the city on the potential for a bike network in Penticton, and Council was provided a detailed presentation [PDF - 293 KB]. Stakeholders were consulted throughout 2012, including public events like Bike to Work Week participants and stakeholders like the Penticton Industrial Development Association, Downtown Penticton Association and all City committees. Staff honed the plan based on this feedback, and the Bike and Cycling Network [PDF - 1.3 MB] was adopted into the Official Community Plan in 2013.

International Expertise

The City of Penticton launched its Bike Plan consultation during Bike to Work Week in 2012, and brought a very special guest for the occasion. Andreas Rohl, the manager of the City of Copenhagen's Cykelsekretariat (or bicycle program), joined the City of Penticton for the launch, attending the Morning Celebration Station to meet riders and media before going on a ride of the community. Later in the day, Andreas spoke with stakeholders about building cycling communities and the lessons learned in Copenhagen. That night, the community at large was invited to hear him speak at the South Okanagan Events Centre. For those who couldn't make it, City filmed his presentation to share with everyone. To view the presentation, check out the online video.

Network implementation

The cycling network will be implemented over time and as resources allow. For 2013 a limited amount of work will be done, including: green bike lane traction pads at select intersections on Government and bike lane improvements on Power Street (Westminster to Lakeshore Drive) and Dawson Street (Government to Dartmouth). Implementation on Dartmouth Drive was suspended to allow for an intersection assessment. Ellis Street changes have also been suspended.


Input and ideas from the public and stakeholders have been very important to the Penticton Bike Plan. Please contact City Engineer Ian Chapman by calling 250-490-2532 or sending him an email for more information.