Time to Swap Systems


It’s time to swap systems!

Here is what you need to know.

The City of Penticton is changing its computer system for registering in its recreation programs. Here is a summary of what this change means to clients of the Community Centre.

When is the system changing?

The City will switch to the Perfect Mind registration system on August 13. Access to the current Reg-E system will end at noon on August 11 to allow the new system to be implemented. Access to the new system will begin at 6 am on August 14.

Do I need to set up an account in the new system?

All active clients who have used their accounts in the past two years will automatically be set up in the new system. If you have not used your account in the past two years, you will need to set up a new account.

How do I set up an account in the new system?

You can set up your account beginning August 14 through the website (www.penticton.ca/recreation), in person at the Penticton Community Centre or over the phone by calling (250) 490-2426.

What do I need to do to use my account in the new system?

You will need to activate your account and set up a new password. These instructions will be sent to you directly on August 13 if you provided an email address in your account. If you did not, you are encouraged to contact the Community Centre by phone at (250) 490-2574 or email at rec@penticton.ca to have staff update it for you before August 11.

What if I don’t have an email address in my current account?

For clients who do not have updated email addresses, accounts will still be created for them. They just will need to contact the Community Centre at (250) 490-2574 or email at rec@penticton.ca to gain access to their online portal. All active users are encouraged to add their email address before August 11 to prevent any delays to your registration.

What will happen to my current registrations?

All of your current account information will be moved over to the new system. This includes current facility passes, course registrations, punch cards and account credits and debits. Once you activate your account, confirm the information is correct, and if you see any problems, contact (250) 490-2426 or email rec@penticton.ca.

Will I need a new scan ID card?

Your current pass scan card will continue to work when the new system goes live.

Will the fitness centre be open while the system is being changed?

The fitness centre will be open and all programs will run as scheduled. The pool will be shutdown for annual maintenance from August 10 to September 2.

When can I register for the Fall/Winter Recreation programs?

The Fall/Winter Recreation Guide will be released on August 21 and registration will begin on August 22 at 6 am. Make sure you have activated your new account in advance to avoid any issues with registration.

Where can I access the new system?

The access to the new system is the same as the current system. You can find it at www.penticton.ca/recreation.

Why are you changing systems?

The City is replacing the current Reg-E system which has reached the end of its life and is no longer supported. The new system is considered to be easier to use and provides customers with greater flexibility to manage their accounts.

Can I still register in person or on the phone?

It will still be possible to register in person or by calling the Community Centre at (250) 490-2426.

What if there is a problem with my account?

Once you activate your account starting August 14, confirm the information is correct, and if you see any problems, contact (250) 490-2426 or email rec@penticton.ca.

Your patience is appreciated as the City works through the changes.