Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape refers to landscaping with water conservation in mind. It can be achieved by incorporating seven basic principles:  Planning, Plant Selection, Site Analysis, Practical Turf Areas, Efficient Irrigation, Organic Mulches, and Proper Maintenance.

Xeriscape Garden @ Marina Way

The Penticton Xeriscape Demonstration Garden is located at Marina Way Park on Marina Way. The Garden displays many plants and plant combinations to inspire you, and includes many plants indigenous to the Okanagan's dry climate.  Download the following brochure for details:

Additional Xeriscape information can be found on the Okanagan Xeriscape Association website:  http://okanaganxeriscape.org/

Water Conservation

The Parks Department manages a large variety of trees, shrubs, turf, perennials and annuals with varying water requirements. In landscaped areas, indigenous and drought resistant material is used, mulches are applied, and water efficient drip irrigation systems are used. Heavily-used turf areas and sports fields however, have high watering requirements. More than 60% of our parkland is irrigated from water sources other than the City's treated drinking water. Other sources of irrigation water include reclaimed effluent water from the Waste Water Treatment Plant and untreated water from Okanagan Lake. Help us by reporting broken sprinklers in Parks by calling 250-490-2500 or using the online Feedback Form.

6 Tips to Water Wisely at Home

Today's irrigation systems include sophisticated controllers that allow you to easily adjust watering schedules to fit different needs.

  1. Get in the zone.Schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system to account for type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure, and soil in that section.
  2. Consider soil type.Type of soil determines how quickly water can be absorbed without runoff.
  3. Don't send water down the drain.Set sprinklers to water plants, not your driveway, sidewalk, patio or buildings.
  4. Water only when needed.Saturate root zones and let the soil dry. Watering too much and too frequently results in shallow roots, weed growth, disease and fungus.
  5. Water at the best time.Watering during the heat of the day may cause losses of up to 30 percent due to evaporation. Prevent water loss by watering in the evening or early morning.
  6. Adapt watering to the season.Adjust your watering schedule regularly based on seasonal weather conditions. Or invest in a smart controller so your system can make these changes automatically.