The City of Penticton currently maintains two cemeteries:

  • Lakeview Cemetery (located at 775 Lower Bench Road)
  • Fairview Cemetery (Anglican - located on Fairview Road - closed to new interments)

Note that we currently do not allow the pre-purchase of regular or cremation graves. A Resident is defined as any person who has resided or owned property within City limits for a period of six months immediately preceding the purchase of a Certificate of Entitlement to use a Cemetery plot.

The City has a unique final resting place for its citizens in the form of Lakeview Cemetery's Columbarium Gardens. The Gardens are located in the south east corner of Lakeview Cemetery, nestled below the 'Penticton' sign on Munson Mountain. Features of the Columbarium Gardens are a beautiful reflection pool, a water wall, and lush landscaping. The gardens are designed to provide visitors with a quiet and serene place to reflect and remember loved ones.

Columbarium RateS* Mausoleum Rates* Ossuary Rates*
Resident Resident Resident $439
Level I $3,544 Level I $19,504 Non-Resident $593
Level II $3,439 Level II $18,769  
Level III $3,334 Level III $18,034
Non-Resident Non-Resident
Level I $4,647 Level I $26,193
Level II $4,505 Level II $25,200
Level III $4,363 Level III $24,208

Note that GST is applicable to all cemetery purchases.

*Effective May 1, 2018

For further information please contact the Cemetery Office at 250-490-2477.  The Cemetery Sales Office is located at City Hall - 2nd Floor - 171 Main Street Penticton, BC V2A 5A9 and is open Monday - Friday from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm., closed Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays.  Email:  cemetery@penticton.ca