Snow Angels

While most children enjoy the sight of the first snowflakes touching ground, snow can also bring the worry of slippery sidewalks and impassable driveways.  The City of Penticton's Snow Angels campaign encourages Penticton's citizens to lend a helping hand to a neighbour who may not be able to clear the snow from their sidewalks themselves. Be a Snow Angel this year; adopt the sidewalk of a neighbour in need and keep it clear.

Thank Your Neighbourhood Snow Angel

Has someone gone above and beyond to assist you with clearing snow from your sidewalks?  Nominate them [PDF - 43 KB] as a Snow Angel, and recognize their efforts.  You can drop the form off in person at City Hall or City Yards, or send an email with your name and address, your snow angel's name and address, and your story to  Last names and addresses will be kept confidential.

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and ice control in the City is administered by our Public Works department.  City Bylaws state that property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from city sidewalks adjacent to their property by 11AM.  Curious about how public works manages to get all those roads clear?  Learn more about snow and ice control today!