Urban Deer Management

The City of Penticton recognizes that deer are a natural part of our environment; however, over recent times the presence of deer in our residential areas has increased. This is due to a number of factors including being located adjacent to agricultural and rural areas. We recommend you read this handout on Living with Urban Deer [PDF - 1.6 MB].

Deer feeding prohibition

Council adopted a bylaw to “Prohibit the Feed of Deer within the City of Penticton”. Prohibiting the feeding of deer is considered to be a contributing factor in assisting with the reduction of the urban deer population. The Bylaw is only one of many measures that need to be undertaken to deal with the urban deer management issue.  All City bylaws are made available for viewing online.

Deer issues

Residents may continue to experience deer issues ranging from property damage to aggression towards both pets and humans. Deer-related complaints should be directed to the Provincial Conservation Office at 1-877-952-7277.