The Building Department promotes the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Penticton, to assist the citizens with the BC Building Code and building permit process, to work with developers and contractors in achieving their goals, and work with other City departments for a coordinated effort. Administration and compliance of the codes and standards adopted from the British Columbia Building Code that regulates building construction.

The Building Department administers Building Bylaw No. 2018-01 and through this bylaw, the BC Building Code and Sign Bylaw No.92-22 [PDF - 64 KB]

The Building Department is located on the 1st floor of City Hall, 171 Main Street and can be contacted by telephone at 250-490-2501 or by email at

General Information

The Building Department provides general information on the Building Bylaw, the B.C. Building Code, and other relevant standards. We can provide practical information on construction, plumbing, woodstove installation and other systems in buildings. Information Guidelines are available online.

The Building Department reviews building plans, specifications and associated documents (engineers' reports, truss plans, surveys etc.) to confirm compliance with the BC Building Code, Building Bylaw No. 2018-01 and other applicable standards. We issue building permits, and collect applicable securities and Development Cost Charges [PDF - 652 KB]. Building Officials visit the site at scheduled points during construction to ensure that construction conforms to the approved plans and conditions of the building permit, plus the Building Code.

When is a permit required? 

Please watch the video below or visit Do I need a permit?


3 tips when applying for a building permit