Inspections carried out by Building Officials are required during various phases of a project during business hours. It is up to the permit holder to arrange for inspections. To book an inspection please call our Inspection Line at 250-490-2511 or through MyCity at

Before calling for an inspection please make sure you are ready for the Building Official to carry out the inspection.

  • Please call before 8:30 AM for Inspection Requests. 
  • Any messages received after 8:30 AM will be scheduled for the next business day.
  • If you have not heard from our office by 1:00 PM, call 250-490-2571.

All inspection requests must include: 

 Civic address of the property to be inspected;

  • Correct permit number for each type of permit;
  • Type of inspection being requested;
  • Contact person's name and phone number;
  • Date inspection required.

Please be advised that no inspection will be registered and no inspection will take place if the above information is not provided. 

A Building Official will contact the contact person prior to 10:30 am to confirm a time that works best for both parties and confirm if the work will be substantially complete at the time of the inspection and that all required documentation is provided for.

The following items are to be on site:

  • The Laminated Permit Card to be posted on site;
  • Approved set of drawings; and
  • Permit Package.

Please note that if the above items are not on site the inspection may not be carried out and you will be required to recall the inspection for another day.

No further work can take place that conceals the area to be inspected until the inspection is complete.  Failure to arrange an inspection may lead to a stop work order, fines and remedial action.

Site Safety

Site Safety is an important component of every building or plumbing project.  Failure to provide adequate safety provisions may result in a refusal to enter the site and complete the inspection by the Building Official.  This refusal will constitute one failed inspection. 

Other Resources

Call Before You Dig:
1 877-474-6886 or check out BC One Call.

WorkSafe BC - Prevention Information Line:
1-888-621-7233 (SAFE)

Electrical & Gas - Permits & Inspections:
All enquiries regarding electrical/gas code requirements, permits and inspections should be directed to:

Technical Safety BC
Suite 600 – 2889 East 12th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC  V5M 4T5

Gas Supply
Fortis BC         

RDOS Campbell Mountain Landfill