Applications and Forms

 Building Permit Type Applications include the following:

Related Documents:

Residential Permit Packages:

New Construction: Also see New Home Building Permits
New Single Family (SFD),
Carriage House or Duplex
SFD-Duplex BP Package.pdf [PDF - 667 KB]  
Home Improvements and Renos: Also see Home Improvements and Renos
Secondary Suite Sec Ste Carriage House Pkg.pdf [PDF - 744 KB]
Interior Alterations (Residential) Interior Alterations Pkg.pdf [PDF - 495 KB] 
Accessory Building Accessory Bldg Pkg.pdf [PDF - 504 KB]
Mobile Homes Mobile Homes Pkg.pdf [PDF - 789 KB]
Pools Pool Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 462 KB]
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Pkg.pdf [PDF - 503 KB]
Solid Fuel Burning Applicances        Solid Fuel Appliance Pkg.pdf [PDF - 268 KB]
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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multifamily or Fire Sprinkler Building Permit Packages:


Also see Commercial Permits
Commercial/Multi-Family                  Comm Indust Instit Multi Family Pkg.pdf [PDF - 359 KB]
Tenant Improvements Ten. Improvement Pkg.pdf [PDF - 509 KB]
Fire Alarm Fire Alarm Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 577 KB]
Fire Sprinkler Fire Sprinkler Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 910 KB]
Fire Alarm System Verification Fire Alarm System Verification Report.pdf [PDF - 182 KB]
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Demolition Package:

  Also see Demolition Permits
Demolition Permit                           Demo Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 3.5 MB]
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 Plumbing and Mechanical Related Packages:

Plumbing - Commerical                   Plumbing Multi Comm.pdf [PDF - 224 KB]
Plumbing - Residential Plumbing Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 188 KB]
Mechanical/Heating Permit Mechanical-Heating Pkg.pdf [PDF - 106 KB]



HVAC Energy Plumbing
Worksheet.pdf [PDF - 114 KB]

Solar Panel Permit

Solar Panel Package.pdf [PDF - 395 KB]
Ventilation Checklist 1 -
Forced Air Systems
Checklist 1.pdf [PDF - 468 KB]
Ventilation Checklist 2 -
HRV Systems
Checklist 2.pdf [PDF - 467 KB]
Ventilation Checklist 3 -
Distributed CRV Systems
Checklist 3.pdf [PDF - 468 KB]
Ventilation Checklist 4 -
Exhaust Fan and Passive Inlets
Checklist 4.pdf [PDF - 1.1 MB]
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 Development Related Permit Packages:

Crane                                              Crane Permit Pkg.pdf [PDF - 203 KB]
Driveway Driveway Permit Package.pdf [PDF - 369 KB] 
Earthworks Earthworks Package.pdf [PDF - 277 KB]
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Building Department Fee Schedule Building Fees Schedule.pdf [PDF - 146 KB]
Fees and Charges Bylaw  Fees and Charges Bylaw
No. 2014-07.pdf [PDF - 788 KB]
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Alternative Solution Package
(Registered Professionals Only)     
Alternative Solution Pkg.pdf [PDF - 102 KB]
Building Agency Agreement Building Agency Agreement.pdf [PDF - 126 KB]
Building Permit Extension Form Permit Extension Application.pdf [PDF - 113 KB]
Owner's Acknowledgement Form Owners Acknowledgment.pdf [PDF - 126 KB]
Sub-Contractor's List Sub-Contractor's List.pdf [PDF - 151 KB]
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Residential Decks:  
Drawings Examples
2015 Drawing example decks.pdf [PDF - 696 KB]
Estimated Building Permit and 
Business Licence Review Times
Estimated Permit Review Times.pdf [PDF - 111 KB]
Asbestos Hazards in Demolition, 
Renovation & Salvage
Asbestos hazards Bulletin.pdf [PDF - 725 KB]
NAFS Specs for Windows, Doors, 
and Skylights
NAFS Specs for windows, doors
& skylights.pdf [PDF - 3.1 MB]
Residential Inspection Schedule (Part 9) Residential Inspection Schedule
- Part 9.pdf [PDF - 176 KB]
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