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Accessory Structures

Bulletin Building 2016-08 Accessory Structures.pdf [PDF - 187 KB]

Permit requirements for residential sheds, carports and other small structures

Air Barrier Details at Windows and Doors

Bulletin Building 2012 Air Vapour Barrier Window details (2) [PDF - 281 KB]

Acceptable details for installation of air barriers for Part 9 residential construction (references to 2012 BC Building Code)

Building & Plumbing Permit Fees

 Building Fees Schedule [PDF - 146 KB]

Current Building Permit Fees.  See Fees and Charges Bylaw for comprehensive list and fine schedule.    

Cold Weather Protection

Bulletin Building 2012 Cold Weather requirements [PDF - 235 KB]

Provide Information to owners and contractors regarding the regulations pertaining to working in cold weather conditions.

Change of Use – Single Family to Commercial

Bulletin Building 2015-08 House Conversions.pdf [PDF - 108 KB]

Building Code requirements for converting SFD into commercial uses.

Construction Noise


Regulations pertaining to hours of construction and exemption requests
Deck Renovation Permits
Bulletin Building 2015-05 Deck Renovation Permits [PDF - 591 KB]
Permit requirements for new, renovated and repairs to decks  

Deck Drawing Examples

Drawing example decks.pdf [PDF - 696 KB]

Minimum requirements for permit quality drawings.

Demolition Permits

Bulletin Building 2012-04 demolition permits.pdf

Amendments to the Building Bylaw regarding demolition permits

Energy Efficiency Requirements (New)
Bulletin Building 2014-04 Energy and Ventilation Changes [PDF - 571 KB]
New BCBC Energy Efficiency Requirements - 2012 BC Code change requirements for Single Family Dwellings  

Exterior Weather Protection (New)

Bulletin Building 2016-09 Exterior Protection.pdf [PDF - 130 KB]

Inspection requirements for projects involving thermal assemblies

Field Inspection Safety Requirements

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)

Outline for minimum site safety standards requirements for field inspections

Fire Alarm Permits

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)

Permit requirements for the installation of a new fire alarm system or upgrade of an existing fire alarm system

Fire Dept Response Time - Part 9 Buildings

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)


Impact on building design and proposed subdivisions that are located outside the City of Penticton 10 minute response area

Fire, Flood or Grow-Op Properties

Bulletin Building 2012 Damage Repair Permits 2018.pdf [PDF - 140 KB]


Permit requirements for damaged structures & buildings
Fire Flow Calculations
Bulletin Building 2014-02 Fire Flow Calculations Final. [PDF - 635 KB]
A guide to the City of Penticton's regulations for providing fire flow calculations  

Footing and Foundation Framework Inspections

Footing and Foundation Inspection Bulletin 18-05 [PDF - 107 KB]

Overview for footing and foundation inspections 

Foundation Only Permits

Bulletin Building 2016-07 Foundation Only Permits.pdf [PDF - 125 KB]

Requirements for foundation only permit requests

Geotechnical Requirements

Geotechnical Requirements Bulletin 18-02 [PDF - 289 KB]

Overview of when a geotechnical engineer may be required for Building Permits.

Glass Guardrail

Bulletin Building 2013-03 Glass Guardrail Requirements R2016.pdf [PDF - 159 KB]

Glass Guardrail requirements for Part 9 Buildings    

Inspection Schedule

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)

Inspection Schedule for all Standard (Part 9) Buildings, New/Additions/Renovations
Land Title Information
Bulletin Building 2015-03 Land Title Information [PDF - 816 KB]
Understanding the Charges on Title-Covenants, Easements and Rights-of-Ways  

 Pot Light Air Barriers

Bulletin Building 2016-04 Pot Light Air Barriers.pdf [PDF - 137 KB]

Requirements for compliance with 9.36 Energy Efficiency for air tightness

Protection of City Boulevards and Trees

Bulletin Building 2016-10 Boulevard Protection.pdf [PDF - 239 KB]

Requirements to ensure protection of boulevards and trees during construction.

Radon Control
Bulletin Building 2013 Radon Control for Part 9 Buildings R2015 [PDF - 963 KB]
To provide a consistent interpretation of the installation of radon control barriers  

Retaining Wall Requirements

Bulletin Building 2012 RETAINING WALL Requirements.pdf


Building Permit & Zoning Regulations for retaining walls
Section 57 - Notice on Title
Bulletin Building 2015-04 Section 57 Notice on Title [PDF - 576 KB]
Bylaw Contravention Notice on Property Title information

Single Family Dwelling/Duplex Application Notice

SFD Application Notice Bulletin 18-01 [PDF - 112 KB]

Increased standards for Single Family Dwelling/Duplex permit applications

Sprinkler Permits

Bulletin Building 2014-01 Sprinkler Permits.pdf

Permit requirements for new and alterations to existing fire suppression systems    

Strata Conversion of Existing Buildings

Bulletin Building 2015-07 Strata Conversions [PDF - 122 KB]

General information regarding conversion of existing buildings for the purpose of strata ownership.

Structural Engineer Triggers

Structural Engineer Triggers Bulletin 18-03 [PDF - 2.3 MB]

A guide to when Registered Professionals are required in relation to structural design for Simple building projects.
Swimming Pool Permits
Bulletin Building 2015-02 Swimming Pool Permits [PDF - 960 KB]
Installation and security requirements for private pools, ponds and spas  

Survey Requirements

Survey Requirements Bulletin 18-04 [PDF - 115 KB]

Overview of when survey requirements for building permits 

When are Building and Plumbing Permits Required? (Single & Two Family)

Bulletin Building 2013 When are Building and Plumbing Permits Required - Residential.pdf [PDF - 326 KB]

Information and clarification regarding the City's requirements for requiring permits to complete works involving the construction of new or alterations to existing structures, plumbing and mechanical systems.



Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Requirements

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)

Kitchen exhaust for Food Service Operations

Cross Connection Control Program

Bulletin Building 2015-06 Cross Connection Program.pdf [PDF - 229 KB]

Requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial water supply systems.

Mechanical HVAC Permits

Bulletin Building 2016-03 Mechanical HVAC Permits.pdf [PDF - 173 KB]

Heating and Ventilation system permit requirements for Part 9 Residential Buildings



Estimated Building Permit & Business Licence Review Times

Estimated Permit Review Times [PDF - 298 KB]

Estimated turnaround times for complete Building, Plumbing Permits and Business Licence Applications

Sign Permits

(under revision - please call 250-490-2571)

Structural requirements for sign permits