Do I need a Permit?

Building Permits

A Building Permit is required when you:

  • Construct a new building

  • Add to or renovate an existing building.

  • Change the occupancy of an existing building, i.e. from office to retail.

  • Make interior renovations that may impact the direction of travel to an exit.

  • Repair a building envelope – commercial, multi family

  • Demolish or move a building

  • Enclose your carport or change your garage to living space.

  • Add or relocate plumbing fixtures, fire alarm or fire sprinklers.
  • Pave a parking area where a storm drainage system is required.
  • Finish an existing basement.
  • Install a swimming pool or hot tub
  • Locate or add to a mobile home or manufactured home
  • Locate a temporary building.
  • Install a fireplace, solid fuel burning

Sign Permits

The Planning Department reviews plans for signs to confirm compliance with the Sign Bylaw No. 92-22 [PDF - 64 KB].

Plumbing Permits

A plumbing system may not be constructed, altered, extended, renewed or repaired unless a plumbing permit has been obtained for the work. Permits are not required to clear a stoppage in a drainage system, repair a leak in a water distribution system, replace a fixture without any change to the drainage system, or replace faucets. Permits are required to replace water heaters.

A single family home owner doing work on their own home can apply for a plumbing permit but must provide a isometric drawing of the proposed work as part of the plumbing permit application.