Electrical Service Payment Plan (ESPP)

In an attempt to minimize the barriers property owners currently face related to new electrical services and/or upgrades to their existing electrical service, The City has introduced the  “Electrical Service Payment Plan” or ESPP to allow approved customers to pay for the service over time. 
Previously, customers wishing to obtain a new electrical service and/or upgrade their existing electrical service were expected to pay for 100% of the costs related to this work.  In some instances, these costs can be over $30,000 and can be an impediment to development.

All Customers are eligible to access the ESPP for the installation of City Electrical Infrastructure and/or customer owned Micro-DR equipment that supplies power to their properties.

Payment Plan range
  • A customer can put a minimum amount of $2,000 up to a maximum amount of $50,000 on a Payment Plan;
Payment Plan terms
  • 5 year payback in equal monthly amounts on the Electric Utility Bill plus interest calculated at the Prime Interest Rate +0.5%;
Repayment terms
  • The customer has the ability to end the Payment Plan at any time by repaying the balance owing in full at any time without penalty.
Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Must be for a new or an upgrade to an Electrical Service;
  • Must be a City of Penticton Electric Utility customer;
  • Must have a minimum credit score of 650;
  • Must have a maximum of 19 City of Penticton Utility Credit Point;
  • The customer must own both the land and building where the service is required; and
  • If Micro-DR, receipts must be submitted from the contractor performing the work.

Do you need more information? This Frequently Asked Questions.pdf [PDF - 722 KB] may help.

  • Any defaults on the Payment Plan will be subject to the normal City of Penticton utility collection procedures, including service disconnect and ultimately transfer of outstanding amount to taxes.  Any outstanding payment plan amounts must be paid in full upon sale of the property. 

Download a copy of the EPPA - Application Package.pdf [PDF - 245 KB] now.

If you require further assistance with the ESPP, please contact the Electric Department at 250-490-2535 for more information.