Automated Meter Reading

The City of Penticton has been deploying AMR (Automated Meter Reading) electrical meters since 2003. These meters permit remote reading of the consumption registers with either a walk-by or drive-by reading system, greatly increasing meter reading efficiency and accuracy. A walk-by reading system was originally deployed in 2005 and subsequently upgraded to a drive-by system in 2010.  This multi-year program for residential customer meter population was substantially completed in 2015.  The commercial customer meters continue to be replaced. 

Facts and Figures

  • AMR meters allow remote reading of the consumption register with either a walk-by or drive-by meter reading system
  • Potential to reduce meter reading time by 80% once full AMR conversion is achieved
  • The AMR meters transmit a very brief signal (150 miilliseconds) which contains only the current meter reading
  • AMR meters conform with all applicable Measurement Canada, Spectrum IC, and Health Canada regulations and standards.

More Information

For more information, you can watch the AMR Public Information Session which will was held at 7:00PM on February 22 in the Cleland Theatre. Download Video [712 MB]

You can also download the following documents: