Current Projects

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

This multi-year program was substantially completed in 2015, resulting in a more efficient use of the drive-by meter reading system.

Voltage Conversion Project

The Utility is increasing the distribution system voltage from 8230 volts to 12,470 volts in order to increase load capacity and lower line losses. Currently three substations operate at the higher voltage with the remaining three slated for conversion over the next few years. Utility crews are replacing transformers and associated infrastructure throughout the distribution system in preparation for full voltage conversion.

Westminster Substation was upgraded in 2015 leaving one remaining station to be converted in 2017.  Current plans predict 100% converstaion by the end of 2020.

Street Light Energy Conservation

All roadway lights will be upgraded to LED lights by the end of the 1st Quarter in 2016.  

Penticton Regional Hospital Expansion

Crews are starting to work on system upgrades in the Industrial Area to accomodate the Hospital Expansion.

PCB Project

The City of Penticton's Electric Utility has removed all equipment containing PCB concentrations exceeding 2ppm. 

2016 Capital Projects

These are the areas that Electric Utility department are going to be in working within on overhead conductors.

Master Plan_Reconductor Areas.pdf [PDF - 7.8 MB]