Tree Brushing

In order to ensure public safety, distribution system reliability and to comply with the “BC Safety Standards Act”, “Canadian Electrical Code”, “CSA Standards” and WorkSafeBC Regulations, it is necessary to maintain a minimum 3 meters of clearance between overhead high voltage power lines and adjacent trees. The Electric Utility conducts annual inspections of the distribution system to ensure these clearances are not being encroached into.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that any vegetation on their property does not interfere with Electric Utility infrastructure and are responsible for all costs associated with maintaining the required clearances from power lines. Electric Utility staff will provide written notice to property owners when their trees are observed to be growing within the Limits of Approach (3 meters). Please review 5030 Good Neighour Bylaw - Consolidated for website.pdf [PDF - 141 KB] for additional information.


NOTE: To ensure safe and effective tree trimming or removal, all works in the vicinity of power lines must be carried out by a Certified Utility Arborist (CUA) approved and authorized by the City of Penticton Electric Utility to undertake such works in proximity to Utility power lines. Contact the Electric Utility for a current list of approved contractors.