Financial Plan - 2012

The 2012-2016 Financial Plan was presented for Council for budget discussions. In accordance with the Financial Plan policy, all budget deliberations shall be by the Committee of the Whole in open meetings, save and except matters dealing with Land, Legal and Labor as per Section 90 of the Community Charter.

In 2012 staff undertook a unique approach to budgeting that has not occurred previously at the City. All management staff were tasked with reviewing their own departments with a goal of delivering efficiencies, producing cost reductions, eliminating duplication and increasing productivity. The budget process commenced in early August. Guidelines and expectations were discussed at a senior leadership meeting. The senior staff met with their own departmental staff and commenced deliberations on the 2012 budget.

Upon completion of departmental reviews, the entire City's management team met five days to review each budget in detail. As a result of these meetings the budget was reduced by approximately $800k without significantly affecting existing service levels.


Highlights of Staff Budget Deliberations


  • Zero Base Budgeting is utilized
  • $2.1M deficit originally forecast for 2012
  • Decreased by approximately $800k without significant impact on service delivery
  • Limited flexibility to decrease deficit other than reduction of services and therefore reducing workforce
  • Materials & Supplies have been scrutinized in detail during past three years by staff and Council
  • IAFF labor contract has yet to be finalized.
  • Community Centre open full year resulting in innovative and fresh approaches to revenue generation
  • Efficiencies resulting from consolidating Public Works and Parks fully recognized in 2012
  • RCMP staffing complement remains unchanged from 2011 levels.

Proposed Budget Timeline

January 13, 16, 17 - Budget Review Meetings, City Hall - Council Chambers

January 23 - Budget Bylaw to third reading

February 6 - Budget Bylaw adopted

April 16 - 3 readings of Tax Rates Bylaw

May 7 - Adoption of Tax Rates Bylaw

Operating Budget Presentations and Detail

January 13 - Day 1

January 16 - Day 2

January 17 - Day 3