Financial Plan- 2017

Overview presentation of the 2017-2021 Five Year Financial Plan including highlights and explanatory graphs and charts.
2017-21 Financial Plan Overview.pdf [PDF - 2.7 MB]

2017-2021 Financial Plan 
 2017-2021financial_plan.pdf [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Budget presentations from the museum, recreation, parks, transportation & transit, economic dvelopment, development services, planning, land management:    2017 financial plan day 1.pdf [PDF - 4.2 MB]

Budget presentations from engineering, protective services, bylaw, solid waste, cemetery, corporate services, mayor & council, accounting & finance, communications, facilities, human resources, information technology, revenue & collections, procurement, debt & reserves:  2017 financial plan day 2.pdf [PDF - 4.4 MB]

Budget  presentations from engineering (capital) and utilities (operating and capital) - electric, sewer, water, wastewater: 2017 financial plan day 3.pdf [PDF - 1.9 MB]

Answers to budget questions from the gallery during the deliberations have been posted to the City's engagement website: