Property Tax FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Taxes Cover from July to July?

  • No. Taxes cover the calendar year of January 1st to December 31st of the current year, but are due the last working day in July.

Can I appeal my taxes?

  • No. You can only appeal the assessment of your property. The BC Assessment office mails your assessment notice December 31st and you have 30 days in which to appeal your assessment at their office.

I did not receive a tax notice, do I still owe taxes?

  • Yes. If you own property, you are responsible for the taxes, whether or not you receive a tax notice. You should notify the Tax Department if you own or have purchased property and have not received a tax notice. Alternatively you can use the online service "MyCity" to view your property tax notice.

I have just purchased this property, am I responsible for the taxes?

  • When properties change hands, arrangements for payment of taxes should be worked out by the parties involved (usually involves a lawyer). It should be recognized that taxes are levied against the property, not the owner, and therefore remain with the property in spite of any change of ownership.

When are Property Taxes due?

  • In the City of Penticton, property taxes are due the last working day in July each year. Unpaid current balances as of that date are charged a 10% late penalty fee.

Can I prepay my Property Taxes?

  • Yes. You can make a payment to your Property Taxes at any time of the year.

I am on the Pre-Payment Plan. Do I still have to claim my Home Owners Grant?

If I live in a home for part of the year, can I claim part of the Home Owners Grant?

  • No. Home Owners Grants cannot be apportioned. An applicant must qualify for either all or none of the grant.

I turn 65 this calendar year. Can I claim the additional Home Owners Grant?

  • If you are turning 65 at any point of the calendar year, January 1st to December 31st, you are eligible to claim the additional grant in the current year.

Can I claim my Home Owners Grant if I am not paying my Property Taxes?

  • Yes. The Home Owners Grant must be received by the Tax Department no later than the tax due date. Otherwise, it is considered to be outstanding taxes and is subject to a 10% penalty.
  • You can also claim your Home Owner Grant (E-HOG) online.

Are all people with disabilities entitled to claim the Additional Grant?

  • No. Persons receiving assistance under the BC Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act are eligible. Also, persons with a permanent disability who have the required Form B - Certificate of Physician and Property Owner completed by their doctor are eligible if they also meet the requirements under the Home Owners Grant Regulation with regard to costs incurred for physical assistance and/or structural modifications to the home.
  • The Home Owners Grant Regulation required that you are paying more than $150 per month for physical assistance or you have incurred more than $2000 in costs for structural modifications to your home to accommodate your disability. If you purchased a home with structural modifications made by a previous owner if the modifications have a value of more than $2000 and they meet your particular physical requirements.
  • Effective for the 2008 tax year, if the design specifications for your newly constructed principal residence are modified to accommodate your (or your spouse's or relative's) disability, you may qualify for the additional grant. The changes to the structural features of the home must have a value that exceeds $2000.
  • Please visit Home Owners Grant FAQ's page for detailed information.

Why do I have to apply for my Home Owners Grant every year?

  • A property may be owner-occupied one year and rented out the next. Therefore an owner must certify each year that he/she still qualifies for the Home Owners Grant.

When can I apply for my Home Owners Grant?

  • The earliest date for application is after the mailing of the annual tax notices (usually mid-June) and the latest is December 31st. A retro-active Home Owners Grant application for the previous year's grant can be approved in certain circumstances.

My mortgage company is paying my taxes. Do I still need to come to City Hall?

Can I mail in my tax notice with payment / Home Owners Grant?

  • Yes. In mailing our tax notice, you must ensure that the Home Owners Grant is properly completed, if applicable, and that your cheque is made out correctly.
  • Please remember when mailing your tax notice that the post mark is NOT accepted as proof of payment date. It is the date that we receive the funds.
  • Your tax notice must be in the Tax Department's hands by 4:30pm of the tax due date.

Can I leave a post-dated cheque?

  • Yes. The last day you may postdate your cheque is the tax due date.