Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates are the rate used to determine how much property tax you pay, based on the assessed value of your property. The tax rate applies to each $1,000 of net taxable value.

The property tax rate is different depending on the class of property you own.


2019 General Municipal Tax Rates for Property Classes

 Class General Municipal
1 Residential 3.6929
2 Utilities 28.2946
3 Supportive Housing 3.6929
4 Major Industry 6.6215
5 Light Industry 6.6215
6 Business & Other 6.7210
7 Managed Forest Land 6.7210
8 Recreation/Non-Profit 5.1678
9 Farm 13.2720


See the full 2019 Tax Rate table here [PDF - 15 KB]

See the 2019 Tax Rates bylaw here [PDF - 2.9 MB]

How Property Tax Rates are Set

Property tax rates are set by:

  • A general levy from the City
  • Levies from other taxing authorities

City of Penticton General Levy


The general levy is:

  • Based on a rate that applies to each $1,000 of net taxable value by property class
  • Set for every taxable parcel of land, as defined on the BC Assessment roll, in a general purpose taxes rating bylaw



See the City of Penticton Property Taxation Distribution policy here [PDF - 164 KB]

 Levies from Other Taxing Authorities


To reduce the overall administrative cost of billing and collecting these other property taxes, we include these levies on the main tax notice sent to property owners each year.

Property tax rates from previous years

View historical tax rates for residential, utilities, supportive housing, major industry, light industry, business, recreational and non-profit, and farm properties:

2018 [PDF - 18 KB]2017 [PDF - 20 KB] - 2016 [PDF - 19 KB] - 2015 [PDF - 29 KB]2014 [PDF - 15 KB]2013 [PDF - 14 KB]2012 [PDF - 14 KB] - 2011 [PDF - 15 KB] - 2010 through 1984 [XLSX - 44 KB]