Neighbourhood Visits

Image of a neighbourhood visitEvery year the Fire Department visits neighbourhoods in different parts of the city to test smoke alarms!

For the past five years we have been visiting three or four neighbourhoods every year to help residents test their smoke alarms. We select a neighbourhood to visit on a Saturday morning or during the week and then notify the area residents of the upcoming visit.

Our Fire Department staff go door-to-door helping area residents to test smoke alarms and to provide fire safety information. We remind people to test their smoke alarms once a month, to change batteries once a year and to replace all smoke alarms that are more than ten years old.

Our Neighbourhood Visits turn into street parties! Neighbours visit with one another, tour the fire trucks and have refreshments compliments of the Fire Department.

We have visited neighbourhoods with single family houses, duplexes, town houses and mobile homes. It is a great way for area residents to learn more about fire safety!

Would your neighbourhood be interested in hosting a Neighbourhood Smoke Alarm Visit?