Planning & Land Use

Are you looking to subdivide your property into two or more lots? Build a multi-family development? Add a carriage house or secondary suite on your property? Change the zoning on your property? All of these developments involve the Planning Department.

Planning is the lead department for all land development applications including Subdivisions, Bareland Strata Subdivisions, Strata, Rezoning, Development Permits, Development Variance Permits, Temporary Use Permits and Agriculture Land Reserve applications to name a few.

We would love to hear from you. A pre-application meeting is helpful in your planning process. We can answer your questions regarding building, engineering and planning before an official application is made. Once you submit an application, our Technical Planning Committee conducts a review of your formal application.

The Planning Department can be contacted by phone (250) 490-2501 or email.

Pre-Application Meeting

A pre-application meeting is the first step in your application process. It helps ensure Planning, Engineering and Building department staff have a shared understanding of your development proposal. Our team can also provide you with preliminary guidance on specific application requirements.

We would like you to retain the services of a professional architect, planner or engineer to prepare your plans and we also encourage you to talk to adjacent property owners prior to the application process in order to answer questions and address any concerns your neighbors may have.

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department by phone (250) 490-2501 or email with questions or to make an appointment.

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Technical Planning Committee

The Technical Planning Committee has representation from all areas of the City that are involved in development including Parks, Fire, Public Works, Electrical, Planning, Building, and Engineering. The Committee's mandate is to identify and comment on private/public sector development applications and projects as it relates to their area of expertise. All development applications are reviewed by the Technical Planning Committee.

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Development Engineering

The Development Engineering Department provides engineering support for both Planning and Building Departments. This area is responsible for reviewing infrastructure servicing issues associated with building construction and land development. These range from Building Permit, Development Permit, Development Variance Permit, Subdivision and Rezoning Applications.

This department is also involved in the review and analysis of long range planning projects to determine the impact these long range plans will have on the eventual development activity taking place within certain areas of the City.

The four main aspects of this department are:

The Development Engineering Department can be contacted by phone at (250) 490-2501 or email.

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Subdivision & Development 

The Subdivision and Development Bylaw sets out the minimum acceptable standards for the design and construction of municipal infrastructure within the City. With this Bylaw, the City adopts the Master Municipal Construction Document published by the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association.

It is important for the development community to understand how this bylaw can impact the development application being proposed. Please ensure that you contact our Development Engineering Staff by phone (250) 490-2501 or email to discuss this Bylaw well in advance of making a formal application.

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Master Plans

The City of Penticton has Master Plans for Drainage, Water and Sanitary Sewer. These plans guide how infrastructure within the City will develop over time. The plans provide the basis for renewal investment so that the City can move forward in developing infrastructure with a higher level of confidence.

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Road Widenings

Road Widenings are a function of ensuring the City is able to achieve better design standards for roads within the City limits. The majority of Road Widenings are not to widen the actual roadway itself, but more of a tool to create the potential for improved pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks, boulevards, street trees, benches, lighting and other street furniture all in an effort to make our streets more pedestrian friendly.

The Road Widening Map can be accessed on our online mapping service. Prior to purchasing a property or applying to redevelop a site, please ensure that you are aware of any potential road widening areas contained on your property.

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Development Cost Charges

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are monies that are collected from land developers by the City to offset some of the infrastructure expenditures incurred to service the needs of new development. The charges are intended to facilitate development by providing a method to finance capital projects related to roads, drainage, sewers, water and parkland.

DCCs allow monies to be pooled from many developers so that funds can be raised to construct the necessary services in an equitable manner. Simply, the municipality can be considered to be the co-ordinator of the capital program and administrator of the funds collected.

The City's DCC Bylaw [PDF - 652 KB] outlines when DCCs are imposed and at which stage of the development process. Typically DCCs are charges at either the subdivision or building permit stage.

The City also has a DCC Reduction Bylaw [PDF - 1.2 MB] for Affordable Housing (100% Reduction) and Sustainable Building (50% Reduction) proposals.

Prior to developing, please ensure you are aware of the DCCs applicable to your proposal.  Please feel free to contact Development Services by phone (250) 490-2501 or email with any questions.

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