Public Works

The Public Works Department serves City of Penticton residents and businesses in many ways, including everything from road repairs and maintenance, parks and green spaces, water, sewer and storm sewer infrastructure, to decorative street banners.

Quality services to the community in areas such as seasonal road, sidewalk and trail maintenance, solid waste and recycle collection, transit services, domestic and agricultural irrigation water distribution, sanitary and storm sewer collection services, development and maintenance of community gardens, parks and beaches.

It is our pleasure to serve the City of Penticton residents, businesses and visitors 24/7.

City Yards office is located at 616 Okanagan Avenue East. Penticton, B.C. Office hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

  • Phone: 250-490-2500
  • After-hours emergencies: 250-490-2324

Road repair and maintenance

Public Works handles all kinds of road repair and maintenance issues for the City: potholes, road marking, annual line painting, street cleaning, sidewalks, traffic signs and weed control.

Please do help us by taking the time to report items that you encounter during your travels.If you encounter a problem with a traffic signal, please contact the Electrical Department.

Underground infrastructure

Works is responsible for maintaining the following underground infrastructure like water mains, irrigation systems, sewer mains and storm sewer services. Preventative maintenance programs like water main flushing, sewer cleaning and video inspection are run on an annual basis to ensure that quality service.

You too can do your part by ensuring that you practice water conservation and keep our sewer clean. Also, please report any issues with the water, sanitary or storm sewer system that you encounter during your travels.

Smoke Testing

This technology is used to locate any storm water entering the sanitary system and reduce the amount of rain water treated by the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The smoke is non-toxic and will leave no residue. Although the smoke is harmless, some may find it irritating to breathe, so just open windows and doors until the smoke disappears.  


Street banners

Twice a year, decorative streetscape banners are placed throughout the City to promote the season, special events and festivals, or interesting and unique aspects of our community. The Public Works Department is proud to work with the local arts community to develop the interesting and colorful banners you see on our streetscapes.

The smaller banners you will see on Main Street between the Library and City Hall are unique in that they are part of a larger picture. Every year a new picture is composite picture is developed. Can you guess what this year's composition will look like?