Cart Program

**During weeks of garbage collection only, collection trucks move much quicker through the routes and are sometimes 2 - 3 hours ahead of schedule.  Having your carts ready for collection by 7:00am on your regular collection day will ensure your waste is always collected**



New Cart Brochure [PDF - 1.3 MB]

New Cart Program

In September 2016, all households in the City of Penticton receiving curbside garbage collection services were issued three new carts for the automated collection of garbage, recycling, and yard waste. Only material placed in these new carts will be collected on your usual garbage day. Proper spacing is paramount - ensure that carts are spaced 1m/3ft from each other and any other obstacles such as trees, vehicles, or fences. If you are exceeding the volume of any of your carts, see below for more options.

For information on Frequently Asked Questions please see below:

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Cart Program - FAQ [PDF - 1.5 MB]

What it means for you?

The dates of your pickup will stay the same. Garbage will still be picked up weekly, and pickup of recycling and yard waste remains bi-weekly. However, only City of Penticton issued carts will be picked up for a fully automated program that is easy, clean and convenient for customers. Only material placed inside of the city issued carts will be collected.

Unless residents have filled in a new Cart Change-Out Request Form, every resident currently receiving curbside collection was delivered the BASE PROGRAM which includes:

120 litre garbage cart (weekly pick-up)

240 litre recycle cart (bi-weekly pick-up)

240 litre yard waste cart (bi-weekly pick-up)

The new cart program will likely save you money. You will no longer have to spend money on disposable bags, as they are not allowed in your recycle or yard waste cart; and the wheeled cart will be provided for no additional charge - it's included in your annual garbage and recycling fees.

View the carts at: City Yards – 616 Okanagan Avenue East

What to do on Collection Day:

To ensure that the contents of your cart are safely and efficiently collected, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Park: Park your carts at their designated collection point no later than 7:00am on your regular day of collection.
  2. Place: Place your carts so the arrows on the top of the lid are pointed towards the centre of the road or laneway. The wheels on the cart will be facing your home. The lid must be securely closed or collection will not occur.
  3. Space: Park and Place your carts so that there is a minimum of 1m/3ft of space between the carts, and that obstacles such as trees and vehicles are a minimum of 1m/3ft away from your carts.

   What not to do on Collection Day:

In order to safely and efficiently collect your garbage, recycling, and yard waste, we ask you to keep in mind the following:

  • Ensure the lid of your cart is firmly closed. Carts that are overfilled or with open lids will not be collected. This is important as carts with open lids have a high probability of breaking due to the mechanical arms on the automated garbage truck.
  • Leave a minimum of 1m/3ft of clear space around your carts. The mechanized arm that grasps your cart during the collection process needs the 1m/3ft of space in order to safely grab and dump your cart. Carts that are not spaced correctly or placed too close to vehicles or obstacles cannot be collected.
  • Place carts directly on the street and off of sidewalks. Ensure carts are facing forwards by having the arrows on the lid pointed towards the centre of the street/laneway, and have the wheels touching the curb. Carts that are placed on sidewalks cannot be collected because this creates a safety hazard for pedestrians.

Need Changes? New Property or Cart Change-out Requests are available.

After researching program standards in other communities, we feel most residents will find their needs will be met with the base program. Effective January 1, 2020, all cart size changes will be subject to a $32.02 administration fee.

You might know that your household needs are different.  Here are some New Property or Cart Change-out Requests available:


120 Litre

240 Litre

360 Litre


Base Program


Not available



Base Program


Yard Waste


Base Program



Note on Yard Waste: You are able to get an additional 240L cart or additional 360L cart for $70.00/year. Please note that there are three unlimited yard waste collection weeks, where residents can place any paper bags or containers clearly labelled ‘yard waste only’. For the dates of unlimited yard waste collection, please consult your most recent 2019-20 garbage calendar [PDF - 9.2 MB].

Need less service?

Sometimes we don't put out as much at the curb, for a variety of reasons. If you have a small yard, or no yard, you can make arrangements for a smaller cart or opt out of the yard waste cart service. 

People can reduce the size of their recycling cart; but we're encouraging everyone to do their part to recycle.  Customers cannot opt-out of the recycling program, after all, it's the best option for the environment. Taking the time to recycle right will always free up valuable space in your garbage cart. For more information on recycling, visit

How to make Changes?

Complete the Cart Change-Out Request Form below and return it to City Hall or the City Yards office and pay the $32.02 administration charge.

If you are unsure about your cart needs we recommend that you view the carts at the City Yards (616 Okanagan Avenue East).

Please note, if you are renting your home, please contact your landlord to request changes, as all charges will be added to the annual tax account.

New Property or Cart Change-out Request Form is available here [PDF - 409 KB].

Have Special Needs?

We understand that some people might be nervous about their abiliity to move the wheeled carts.  The carts are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind, many seniors report these are easier to navigate than cans or bags.

However, if you have accessibility needs, please review the Disability Exemption Criteria and if you still have questions, please contact us at 250-490-2500 and we would be happy to discuss options available to you.

Disability Exemption Criteria.pdf [PDF - 37 KB]

Disability Exemption Application Form.pdf [PDF - 45 KB]