Compost (Bio-Solids)

Free Compost Give-away

The City of Penticton will be hosting a free compost giveaway event during the week of September 16th to 21st, 2019, where residential and commercial customers can pick up any volume of compost for Free!  Follow the signs to the Compost Site, located past the entrance to Campbell Mountain Landfill on Spiller Road.  The compost site will be open Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm, and Saturday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, with equipment on site to help load.  For more details, call City Yards at 250-490-2500, or visit  Please ensure all loads are covered and or tarped prior to leaving the site.

For more information, please call Public Works at 250-490-2500

Waste Water Compost

City of Penticton Compost is the end product of Penticton's innovative waste water recycling program - it is a safe, effective, environmentally-friendly, abundant, and affordable compost product that's ideal for use in top dressing, landscaping, on vegetable gardens, and as an additive in potting soil. Penticton compost consists of processed waste water solids.

What are Waste Water Solids?

Waste water solids are the organic by-products of wastewater treatment. It is mixed with woodchips to create quality compost.

The Ministry of Environment requires that Compost produced from waste water solids be tested for heavy metal concentrations. For a copy of the most recent metals test, please call 250-490-2500 or email

Guaranteed Analysis: Minimum Organic Matter: 65 %, Maximum Moisture: 65 %, Wet Weight: 0.535 tonnes/m3. 

Compost Use:

Due to the nutrient levels in this product, application should be such that this material is not used as topsoil, but as a soil conditioner or supplement.  Top dress or amend soil as recommended by soil analysis. 

This product may be applied in spring or fall on all outdoor plants. Wash hands after application.

1.      For New Gardens or Lawns:

Mix 1 cm of Penticton Compost with the top few cm of soil before planting.

2.      Mulch:

Spread a 1 cm layer of compost over garden surfaces.  Keep the mulch 4 or 5 cm away from the stems of plants and trees.  Repeat every 3 years.

3.      Flower and Vegetable Gardens:

Mix 1 cm of the Penticton Compost with the top few cm of soil.  Plant flowers or sow seeds, then water in.  Repeat every 3 years.

4.      New Lawns Seeding:

Cover existing ground with 1 cm of Penticton Compost.  Till in to the top layer of soil.  Rake smooth and broadcast seeds as recommended.  Use a roller to compact and then keep moist. 

Sodding: Cover existing ground with 1 cm of Penticton Compost.  Till in to the top layer of soil.  Rake smooth.  Install new sod and keep moist.

5.      Lawn Top Dressing:

Aerate and apply a ½ cm layer of finely screened compost.  Over seeding at the same time will help the lawn outgrow weeds naturally. Repeat every 3 years.

6.      Pots and Planters:

Compost is a soil amendment and must be blended before use.  Mix 4 parts soil to 1 part Penticton Compost.

Where Can I Get Penticton Compost?

Currently compost is available at the City of Penticton Compost Site located approximately 100 meters past the gate to the Campbell Mountain Landfill site on Spiller Road.

Compost is available year round 8:30 am– 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday but please call 250-490-2500 to confirm availability.

Manufactured by the City of Penticton, 616 Okanagan Avenue East, Penticton, BC, V2A 3K6.

Currently selling Batch Number: 2017 Stock.

Compost Prices

  • Per Garbage Bag $2.50 taxes included
  • Per Tonne (less than 5 tonnes) $20.00 per tonne taxes included
  • Per Tonne (greater than 5 tonnes) $12.50 per tonne taxes included

1 Tonne is approximately 2 meter cubed

Methods of Payment at Landfill

  • Cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard