**During weeks of garbage collection only, collection trucks move much quicker through the routes and are sometimes 2 - 3 hours ahead of schedule.  Having your carts ready for collection by 7:00am on your regular collection day will ensure your waste is always collected.**


Weekly Garbage Collection

Missed Collection? Garbage collection is a contracted service through Waste Connections of Canada. Please call them directly if your garbage was missed: 250-490-3888. To report a customer service concern, please call City Yards at 250-490-2500 or email


What goes in my garbage cart?


     Not Accepted

Regular garbage

Hot ashes

Kitchen waste

Wood, drywall, metal, concrete, bricks


Batteries, electronics, small appliances

Animal Waste (bagged)

Hazardous materials such as motor oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides

Cling wrap, zipper bags, bubble wrap

Light bulbs and light fixtures

Broken window glass, mirror, ceramics

Recyclables such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal containers

Styrofoam peanuts or chips

Yard and garden waste

Floor sweepings

Uncontained liquids


Ensure your waste is always collected. Please place your garbage carts in their designated pick-up location by 7 a.m. on your usual day of collection. Carts must be spaced a minimum of 1m/3ft apart from one another, and any obstacles such as trees or vehicles. Carts that are not properly spaced may not be collected, as the machinery that is used to tip the carts needs a minimum of 1m/3ft of space around the carts for the mechanical arms to pick them up and tip your waste.  


Black-lid garbage carts will be collected every week, while yard waste and recycling will be collected bi-weekly. Please return the carts to your property within 18 hours of collection. Make sure your garbage will easily tip out into the garbage truck, and that the 120 Litre cart does not exceed 50kg (110lbs). To keep the inside of your cart clean, please bag all garbage prior to using the cart. Carts must be spaced a minimum of 1m/3ft apart from one another, and any obstacles such as trees or vehicles.


Need to put out more? Before upgrading your garbage cart or purchasing tag-a-bag stickers, find out if you can recycle more and free up some space in your garbage cart. Most printed paper and plastic packaging can be recycled by using your blue-lid recycle cart. More information on recycling can be found here, in your current calendar [PDF - 9.2 MB] , or at


If you’re recycling all you can but are still consistently filling your cart, you can upgrade your 120 Litre garbage cart to 240 Litres, increasing your annual rates by $122.00/year. If you occasionally find yourself with excess garbage, tag-a-bag stickers can be purchased for $3.50 at City Hall, City Yards, or the Community Centre, allowing you to put out one (1) additional bag per sticker. Additional information on the cart program can be found here.

Bear Smart Curbside Collection for City Residents

With bear, deer, and other wildlife (such as rats) living in and around the City of Penticton, it is important that we do our best to minimize the attractants that can cause wildlife to become habituated to food sources such as garbage. Too frequently, wildlife are destroyed because our attractants lure them out of their habitat and into yards. Please consider the following steps when preparing your garbage, recycling, and yard waste for collection:

  • Place your garbage at the curb no earlier than 5:00am on collection day, and remove the carts from curbside soon after collection.
  • Ensure your garbage cart lid is closed and the cart is stored in a clean, secure location. Consider storing your garbage cart in a secure enclosure.
  • Keep your carts clean and free of excess, smelly garbage. Consider freezing odorous garbage prior to placing at the curb on collection day.
  • Rinse and clean any recyclables.
  • Consider opting for a wildlife resistant cart if you live in an area with high wildlife traffic by calling (250) 490-2500 or emailing


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