Water Treatment

A healthy community relies on high quality, pathogen free water for many uses in our daily lives. That is why the City of Penticton chose to build a water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant is a subsidiary of the Engineering Department and is supervised by the Water Quality Supervisor. The Water Treatment division has three distinct areas of focus.

Operation of the Water Treatment Plant

The first is operating and maintaining the City's Water Treatment Plant, water pump stations and water reservoirs, ensuring that citizens and visitors receive safe, high quality water and that fire flow is provided in the event of an emergency. The treatment plant is operated and maintained by certified operators 7 days per week, 365 days a year. All of the Water Treatment staff are provincially certified and are highly qualified.

Cross Connection Control

The second area of focus is the Cross Connection Control Program which evaluates potential contamination issues to the domestic water system. This area is addressed by the Environmental Coordinator.

Water Conservation

The third area of focus is the Water Conservation Program which is responsible for public education and programs that keep citizens aware of the benefits of conserving water. This area is also addressed by the Environmental Coordinator.

Water Treatment Process

The water treatment process is based on the multiple barrier treatment system consisting of coagulation, flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection. The plant was initially constructed in 1996 and was recently upgraded and commissioned to increase the peak plant capacity by 47% from 60,000,000 L/day to 88,000,000 L/day and to better allow for the treatment of highly coloured Penticton Creek as well as low turbidity Okanagan Lake water. These dual water sources provide the City of Penticton with an excellent supply, capacity and operational flexibility. Modern control and instrumentation systems are used to monitor the treatment plant operation and distribution system. The latest supervisory and data acquisition system allows City staff to monitor remote water supply facilities from the water treatment plant. Backup systems are in place to deal with equipment and power failure.

The water treatment plant ensures that the City of Penticton will continue to have high quality water that meets the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines far into the future.

Application Forms

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(updated Dec. 30, 2014)