Acknowledging Community Champions

Last week Dave Kampe, our most generous community philanthropist, donated another $3 million towards a permanent MRI machine at the Penticton Regional Hospital. Currently we have shared use of a mobile MRI trailer two weeks a month which can David Kampe - Appreciation Column from Mayor Andrew Jakubeitdelay opportunities for diagnosis, exploratory procedures and often detects things x-rays do not. Mr. Kampe has already donated over $2 Million to the Medical Foundation to help jumpstart their $20 Million fundraising campaign for our forthcoming new Patient care tower. This is on top of donating a significant parcel of land (valued at $1.5 Million) for Hospital expansion and future use.

I was asked why no one from council had publicly commented when the announcement was first made. Most of us can’t fathom or comprehend the magnitude of multi-million dollar investments back into the community without personal, corporate gain or expectations. Dave Kampe (owner of Peter Brothers Construction and Inland Contracting) has been this community’s biggest supporter. Kids under 18 get in free to all Vees regular and playoff games. This has helped to boost numbers and atmosphere at the hockey games. Penticton Peach Festival is the largest free festival in the West - all thanks to Peter Brothers sponsoring most of the headline entertainment and Saturday morning parade. Peach Fest is easily our busiest week of the season and is our signature event. It showcases local talent, family fun, and a real sense of community.

We sometimes take for granted donations, philanthropy, and volunteerism from a select few high profile players. What would happen if some of these individuals took a break from their community good deeds? While we have acknowledged the donation of Mr. Kampe at our past Council meeting, I want to acknowledge it again here. David Kampe, your generosity to our City has been overwhelming and we are incredibly appreciative.

While the big donors need to be thanked and held in high regard, we need to also acknowledge the regular everyday citizen that contributes back to the community. For some, donating $50 is as significant as $500 or $5000 from someone else with means.

We all have a cause that we believe in and want to support. Health related matters and anything to do with kids usually resonates the most with people. I hope we all can find a local charity, community project, or cause that offers pride in improving our city and offers that feeling of doing something good. There are many great corporate citizens that I hope people notice and try to support so they, in turn can continue to contribute to our community’s wellbeing.

Every week there is a new fundraiser or cause to rally behind. I hope we never get numb or undervalue the importance of community philanthropy. We can’t fund every cause and for some groups the donation of our time is perhaps even more valuable than cash. Typically cash is king but events and organizations are run by people power so volunteers are a valuable asset.

I am very proud of our caring and supportive community. We have volunteer armies that others are envious of, and we have larger than life community heroes like Mr. Dave Kampe. Thank you for all you do for, and in our community!