New events gaining support

This weekend was another busy, fun-filled experience for residents and visitors. We had good crowds and great weather, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Scottish Festival was brought back to life and this past weekend they executed their 2nd annual event.  This is a family event featuring Highland dancing, bagpipes, sheepdog herding demonstrations, medieval duels, kid’s zone, entertainment and several heavy events. While I was there, a guy flung a 42 pound weight over a 19 foot high jump bar, heavy stone throw, and the caber toss.

I remember watching a medieval movie (Rob Roy) where the villagers spoke about the Jacobites. I looked it up and there actually was a Jacobite rebellion. The Jacobite movement was more about a system or ideology than a family or clan. I read on with interest only to have my hopes of royal lineage dashed with the knowledge that the rebellion was soundly defeated in 1746. It was fun to watch the medieval players enact some duels and illustrate an era from long ago. We all wonder what life would have been like in the early days or who our ancestors were.

I was on hand for the opening ceremonies and joked “only the Scottish would have their opening ceremonies after most of the events are completed, and halfway through the day.”  I had to throw a caber (long heavy pole) to open the games, and I could have sworn some old lady heckled me with ‘’hope it falls on your head.” It was shortly confirmed as I went near her in the stands to take a picture of the marching band. It is amazing what people will say in public around children; what message does that teach kids in regards to people having differences of opinions, viewpoints or perspectives? On Council we are well aware that we can’t please everyone, but still get taken by surprise when a little old lady gets mean spirited.

While I’m complaining about the tough life of a politician, my next stop on Saturday was to be a judge at the inaugural Rotary Ribfest at Okanagan Lake Park. Four professional ribbers presented their best rack of ribs and sauces for us to critique. It was a blind taste test, so after the judging was done and I wanted to buy some Ribs for dinner, I didn’t know which one to try. 

Rotary had over 250 volunteers to make their event run smoothly. I’m sure there were lessons learned, but from my observations Ribfest was a hit. It is a proud moment for our community when people come together to initiate a new event or festival and everyone comes out to support it.

Both the Scottish Festival and Rotary Ribfest were billed as family events with activities for the kids on one side and a beverage garden on the other. Both events attracted mixed demographics and generations. The city was busy and both events had a level of energy; which is a great sign and indicator for growth and excitement to carry the event to bigger and better things for next year.