Drive Safe - School and Playground Zones Have Changed!

Changes are happening to the extent and type of signage that define School and Playground zones in Penticton.

Signage imposes strictly enforced legal responsibilities on drivers in the vicinity of a school or playground.  Note that signage alone does not guarantee the safety of children.  Drivers and pedestrians must exercise particular caution when in a school or playground area.

Parents dropping off or collecting children at school must observe other signage that defines,“no stopping” and “loading zones”– these are designed to create safer areas of clear visibility and minimal traffic movements at critical locations and are strictly enforced.

Parents are responsible for the safe conduct of their children to and from school – please educate children on how to conduct themselves adjacent to roads and crossing them.

Pay particular attention when crossing a road. Always cross at a marked crosswalk or, if one does not exist, cross at an intersection. Stepping on to a crosswalk does not guarantee safe passage. Remind children they must use the pedestrian call button where a crosswalk is equipped with a signal or warning light.

These changes have been endorsed by City Council and representatives of the RCMP. The school district and parent advisory committee representatives were also involved in the review process. The changes represent a determined effort to better define school and playground areas and zones which are clear and safer for our children. It is expected that the changes will also enable the RCMP to focus upon and improve enforcement at these locations.

For more information, please view the School Zone Changes handout. [PDF - 1.1 MB]