Energy Saving Tip: Your TV

Television Energy Saving Tips

The amount of electricity used by televisions has more than doubled since 2004. In the southern interior of BC that is enough electricity to power about 1/3 of the homes in the City of Penticton on an annual basis. You can help reduce the amount of electricity you use by following these simple steps:

Turn your TV off!

If you have a 37” LCD TV and you turn it off for ten minutes, you will save the same amount of electricity as:

  • A 100 watt light bulb running for 18 minutes;
  • A 13 watt CFL (compact fluorescent light) running for 2 hours and 15 minutes;
  • A string of LED Christmas lights for about 15 hours!

Switch off the power bar

TVs and other devices continue to use power, even when they are shut off. This standby power use, often referred to as phantom power, can add up, especially when you consider DVD, PVR, or surround systems that may also be plugged on with your TV. You can reduce or eliminate this by turning your power bar off when the devices are not in use. You can now also purchase power bars with timers so this task is taken care of automatically.

Watch TV together!

It is common to have multiple TVs for one household. You can have family time and save electricity by watching your favourite television programs together.


If you like the TV on in the background, remember to turn on the smallest TV in the house.

Buy Energy Star Tier 5.1 Televisions

An energy star television will save up to half the cost of electricity used by a standard television.